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Betsy loves family law and helping clients. She understands the system and what it takes to work in it. She also understands what it is like to be navigating the system as a party to the case.

She uses her experience as a lawyer, mom, and guardian to help her clients navigate the most important issues of their lives.

About Betsy

Betsy chose family law as a career thanks to extensive, personal experience in several aspects of domestic relations: divorce and child custody; guardianship of two children; and assisting her spouse as he co-parents a child from a previous marriage.  She also holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and graduated from the William H. Bowen School of Law. Prior to joining wh Law, she worked locally as a law clerk, attorney, and in various non-legal positions.

Personal experience taught Betsy when to compromise and when to stand her ground.  She appreciates exactly how difficult it is to move past the emotion and disappointment of divorce and learn to co-parent effectively for her children. She knows (first-hand) just how frustrating it is to manage the emotional impact of negative, in-court testimony and she understands how to respond in a manner that best serves and protects each of her clients.

Betsy is a legal guardian, custodial parent, and non-custodial parent for six children in all: her daughter, two stepchildren, a daughter-in-law, and two girls that are siblings! Her unique personal and in-court experience as a client, and advocate for her clients, allows her to empathize, strategize and resolve complex domestic situations. Betsy understands what her clients are feeling, the frustration of litigation, and the discomfort of legal confrontation, from both sides of the courtroom.  And then she heads home to manage six teenagers!

Betsy Fam

Betsy and her family have a running joke that she “collects children.”  Truly, she believes the job of being a parent is the single most important, stressful, and fulfilling career on earth. So why not maximize the opportunity? She believes all children deserve a solid foundation. A foundation that points them in the right direction, provides a safe place when they stumble, and prepares them to take on the world, time after time.

When Betsy is not fighting for clients, a house full of teenagers is the perfect defense against boredom. During the rare downtime, Betsy enjoys reading, playing pool, travel, and her three dogs. She also hopes to complete a long-term goal with her spouse – watching the Razorbacks play at every stadium in the ever-expanding Southeastern Conference.

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Wh Law is unlike any other team you’ll work with. With an experienced organization and compassionate staff, Betsy and his family law team at wh Law excel in helping you.

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