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Little Rock Probate and Estate Planning Paralegal

Blake attended Henderson State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in political science. He originally attended to pursue a nursing degree, but soon realized his passion was political science and the law.

He is our Probate, Estate and Trust Administration paralegal here at wh Law. He has proud to be a member of the wh Law team and helps, however, he can. Blake has also dabbled into Criminal Law and assists in that department as needed. Blake is a vital member of our team!

About Blake

Before working at wh Law, Blake worked at another law firm as a paralegal. To say he has experience would be an understatement! Blake was born in Garland, Texas but loves calling Arkansas his home. Blake is a graduate of Bismarck High School as well as having his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Henderson State University. Blake and the love of his life, Emily Baccam, met while attending the same high school and college and are now happily married with their fur baby, Penelope A. Baccam (Penny). Blake is very proud of his background, and where his family came from. His father is from a third-world country and Blake is inspired daily by his father’s hard work and determination. This is where a lot of Blake’s drive comes from.

As much as Blake loves being in the office, he considers himself to be living the “American Dream” when he is relaxing at home with his family. Blake is a man of many talents because he also enjoys cooking up a beautiful, tasty meal when he is not working. He even says that would be a career he would be interested in outside of working in law. Blake can also DANCE. That’s right, Blake’s got the moves. He claims many people are not aware of this talent of his due to his introverted personality, but he cannot deny his love for it!

Something Blake admits he is pretty bad at is conforming to the life of social media. Blake does not have a Twitter, LinkedIn, or TikTok and hardly even updates the platforms he does have.


Blake Fam

Blake would rather live in the moment! Blake describes himself as reserved, curious, and hungry. Maybe this is where his love for cooking comes in? Blake’s astrological sign is a Leo, the lion of the zodiac. He may be a lion, but Blake says he considers himself to be more of a bear. Why? Because of his unusually high body temperature, his enjoyment of keeping to himself, but also his instinct to always protect himself and loved ones if threatened.

Blake spent parts of his childhood in Texas and Oklahoma but has lived most of his life in Arkansas. He attended Henderson State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in political science. He originally attended to pursue a nursing degree, but soon realized his passion was political science and the law. Blake has past experience as a paralegal in the following practice areas: Estate Planning, Probate, Trust Administration, and Real Estate. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Emily, and their mini schnauzer/poodle mix dog named Penny. Blake is also a bit of a “sneakerhead” and has a vast collection of shoes. He has traveled to France (where he and his wife were married), the Netherlands, Belgium, and Mexico, and hopes to add to that list.

Little Rock Probate and Estate Paralegal you can Trust

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Blake loves helping people with probate and estate issues in Arkansas.

Do I need an Estate Plan?

Yes. Always the answer. You take some stress out of your family’s life by telling them exactly what you want and lowering the sense of loss when you leave this world.

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