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Arkansas Employment Lawyer Chris W. Burks

Chris Burks concentrates his practice in employment and personal injury.

Businesses, employees, and unions regularly turn to him for breach of contract disputes, and he has particular expertise in labor and employment law matters involving misclassification, severance, minimum wage, overtime, and ‘off-the-clock’ violations.

Frequently, his cases are class and collective actions, and often involve constitutional issues such as government regulation of business and labor, association, speech, and related issues.

About Chris W. Burks

Chris is a hard worker who enjoys tough challenges.  Growing up in Little Rock, Chris learned that by working hard for your family and others, you can make a real difference.

Even though he is a licensed lawyer in Texas too and his cases have taken him across the country, Chris loves living in Arkansas, the Natural State.  He frequently fishes, and is chasing a state record on the Arkansas River, where he often goes after church on Sunday.

Chris developed strong beliefs about never giving up from his family and life experiences.  Chris has worked in inner cities and rural towns and has been everywhere from big city boardrooms to factory floors. He knows that at the end of the day all people and companies want the same thing—a fair shot and for someone to fight for them.

As a part of this competitiveness, Chris loves sports.  He adores his two daughters and coaches one of their youth soccer teams.  He likes the University of Arkansas Razorbacks, where he went to law school.  His all-time favorite basketball player is Corey Beck of the 1994 Razorback national championship team. Beck may not have been the most talented player on the team, but he tried the hardest and was universally recognized as the ‘heart’ of the team.


Even though Chris has primarily worked on federal employment law cases for many years, he maintains a few select state court cases to keep his litigation skills sharp.

Chris gained experience through working as a lawyer for two Arkansas judges (Honorable Susan Hickey of the United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas and the Honorable Rhonda Wood of the Arkansas State Circuit Court, Twentieth Judicial District).

By working hard and not giving up, Chris has been instrumental in bringing several important and seemingly hard-to-win cases that have shaped Arkansas law and made a real difference.  Some of his against-the-odds cases have overturned laws from the Arkansas Legislature, disclosed secret government records of the Arkansas Attorney General, and removed public officials from office and the ballot.

An Attorney in Little Rock You Can Rely On

wh Law is unlike any other team you’ll work with. With an experienced organization and compassionate staff, Chris and the staff at wh Law excel can help you with Employment Law and Personal Injury:

You should always consult with a lawyer if you are facing any legal obstacles. That’s because when someone has your back, they can help get things done and open up opportunities for success in all aspects of life!

One of the most important aspects of having a good lawyer is knowing that they will always be on your side. A dedicated attorney can help you avoid mistakes, errors, and delays by recognizing approaches or methods which could not otherwise occur to you; no matter what kind of legal trouble it is that has come up – there’s someone out there fighting for us!

Arkansas Labor Law Expert

Filing a lawsuit against your employer might sound frightening, but with the right guidance, you’ll be surprised at how simple the process can be.

It happens when your employer is not paying you correctly. This situation usually occurs when you are not getting paid for overtime or you are not getting paid for all the time you have to spend at work.

There are two main ways employer do not pay correctly:


Not Getting Paid

Overtime: in many situations, employers do not pay employees the correct amount of overtime. This could be paying straight time instead of overtime or paying overtime based on an incorrectly calculated base rate. Either way, your employer owes you the money!


Not Getting Paid

Time-Clock Issues: many employers require employees to get ready for work off the clock or they round the time they clock in or clock out by as much as 15 minutes. We have represented clients who were not getting paid for as much as 30 minutes of work a day. You are owed that money.

Steps to Protect your paycheck:

  • Set a free consultation.
  • Provide pay documents to the lawyer.
  • Get a free review of your situation.

Then you will know your options and have the option to hire one of  Arkansas’ best labor attorneys. Chris will explain your options and will be able to decipher your situation, explain the process, and assist you through it to get paid what you are owed.

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Chris W. Burks Google Testimonials

5 Star Ratings!

Attorney Chris Burks was able to help me win my unemployment appeal & I am so thankful! I knew I should’ve been eligible for benefits as I was wrongfully terminated & he was able to ask the right questions in the hearing & get the decision reversed. It was so nice to have someone stand up for me & question my previous employer for their wrong doing. I am a forever grateful client!

Tiffany Malone
5 Star Ratings!

Did a great job of explaining the process and always responded quickly to any questions.

Marla Foreman
5 Star Ratings!

WH Law has great attorneys, I had a great experience. Highly recommend!

Lexi Seymour
5 Star Ratings!

"Chris, done a wonderful job. A smart young man. Glad I found him to represent me in court."

Keith Hills
5 Star Ratings!

"Chris was knowledgeable and approachable. He never ignored a contact request. My case never lay idle and when I was anxious, he was quick to provide knowledge and support. I don't want to have to have an attorney again, but if I do, Chris is the attorney for me!"

Terry Mikolajczak

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