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Little Rock Family Lawyer John A. Butler

John Butler is a top-rated family law attorney in Little Rock (rated by Super Lawyers) and he and the family law team at wh Law can take care of any of your family law issues.

John only practices family law. He helps aggressively represent family law clients in Central Arkansas, whether the issue is divorce, paternity, guardianship, adoption, or modifying a court order that was already entered. He knows and understands the child support and child custody laws in Arkansas.

With family law being the only area of law that John practices, he is incredibly knowledgeable and prepared to represent clients in the Arkansas Court system.

About John

John lives in Little Rock with his girlfriend Jessica and their two dogs Burton and Ace. In his free time, John can usually be found gardening, at a dog park, or spending time with his niece and three nephews.

In fact, John’s friends and family say he is a very devoted ‘dog-father’ to his pets.  He frequently takes his dogs on walks around the neighborhood and is often seen with them at different places around town.

John lives in the Hillcrest neighborhood and loves to call Little Rock home. He enjoys being part of the city and legal community.

When not walking his canine friends, John can often be found tending to his plants.  John brings the same devotion and attention to his gardening that he brings to his pets.  He is well-known to have a green thumb, and has a variety of plants at home and in the office that he scrupulously shapes.  John takes pride in keeping his plants thriving in all types of Arkansas weather.

At work, John’s practice primarily focuses on divorce, custody, adoption, paternity, and guardianship cases.   John brings the same devotion and care that he demonstrates at home to each of his client’s cases.

JAB and Fam

John has chosen to represent family law clients, he literally picked this area of law over others. He appreciates being able to assist people with what is most important to them.  John understands that people want a steady hand who will fight for them in times of trouble.  He knows the importance of family and values each of his clients as if they are his.

He handles any issues that you may have in the domestic relations arena. That may be a prenuptial agreement, uncontested divorce, very contested divorce, child custody, child support, etc.  He is frequently in Court advocating for his clients and is not an attorney who will simply sit back with your case.

John is currently admitted to practice in Arkansas and the U.S. District Court for the Eastern and Western Districts of Arkansas. He is a member of the American Bar Association, Arkansas Bar Association, and the Debtor-Creditor Bar of Central Arkansas.

A Little Rock Family Law Attorney You Can Rely On

Wh Law is unlike any other team you’ll work with. With an experienced organization and compassionate staff, John and his family law team at wh Law excel in helping you.

John gets asked many questions about family law. He can answer them all. The answer is that when it is your family that you are worried about, always. He offers free consultations, so you can get a general sense of the situation without paying a dime up front.

The most important reason to hire a lawyer for a family case is so the lawyer can understand the unintended consequences upfront. A lot of clients that tried to handle it themselves first agree to certain things without understanding how that agreement will affect them a couple of years down the road.

John practices family law in Arkansas. That is all he does. He can help you understand your options and litigate to you get the best outcome.

Little Rock Family Law Lawyer

Facing a situation that can change your family is stressful. But with the right guidance and open communication, we can help take the stress out of it.

Family law issues happen to everyone all of the time. It rapidly changes many things in your life and is not the easiest to deal with. We can help with that.

There are two main issues in most family law cases:



Child Custody in Arkansas: The world of child custody is pretty simple in Arkansas: The judge will make the decision about child custody based upon the best interest of the child(ren). A judge might have to make a decision about custody in a divorce, paternity, or, in some sense, guardianship matter.



Child Support in Arkansas: All the Courts in Arkansas use Administrative Order No. 10 to determine child support.

Click here for a Child Support Calculator.

The chart gives an amount based on certain criteria to order support. This is the support unless you can argue reason to deviate from the chart, which is allowable under Administrative Order No. 10.

Also, in some cases, a judge may order back child support.

Hiring a lawyer might sound scary, but you can rest knowing that you are covered.

  • Am I getting the custody arrangement I should?
  • Will my kids be taken care of?
  • I am protecting what I have worked for?

If these questions are bouncing around in your head, then feel free to reach out to us and schedule a no-risk free consultation. John will able to listen to your issues and explain your options.

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John A. Butler Google Testimonials

5 Star Ratings!

I would highly recommend Mr. Butler with wh Law. He started working on my case a little over a year ago. When he joined wh Law I had the pleasure of working with the great staff there. John answered all of my questions and made sure I was always informed about my case. Mr. Butler ended up getting the charges against me dismissed.

5 Star Ratings!

Did a great job of explaining the process and always responded quickly to any questions.

Marla Foreman
5 Star Ratings!

They where very helpful with my daughter took very good care of her!!

Bo Miller
5 Star Ratings!

WH Law has great attorneys, I had a great experience. Highly recommend!

Lexi Seymour
5 Star Ratings!

Thank you so much. You’re a blessing to my friend that is a single parent. 😊

Mrs. Betty Plemmons
5 Star Ratings!

Attorney John Butler and his team work diligently and professionally on my case. I would highly recommend this law firm for anyone who is seeking child custody legal support.

Aaron Defriece

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Wh Law is a full-service law firm with four locations in central Arkansas. Rated as one of the Best Lawyers of 2021, wh Law represents Arkansans with family law issues day in and day out. We understand what you are going through and can assist you in those trying times with precise and aggressive representation.

John and wh Law can help guide you through the entire process. Whether you’re having your first family law issue or dealing with child custody and support from the past, wh Law is ready to assist.

You can learn more about Family Law in Arkansas, but before moving forward, give wh Law a call 501.891.6000 or contact us for a free consultation.