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About Sarah

Sara is a native of Southwest Louisiana. She graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in English. She began working in the legal field after moving to Arkansas in 2013. Her hobbies include shoving her cats off the keyboard so she can write, trying to do puzzles before her cats destroy them, watching movies with her cats blocking the TV, and putting up with her two cats. She firmly believes the greatest inventions of all time are the public library system and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Employment Law and Civil Paralegal

Sara was born in California and grew up in southwest Louisiana. She had such a poor sense of direction she regularly got lost in her small town. In high school, Sara attended a boarding school two hours away from her home, which was a fairly unique experience but also contributed to her not learning to drive until she was in her 20s. She also never learned the color wheel.

While in high school, Sara lost her soul to a friend in a high-stakes game of Scattergories. The long-term consequences of that loss have not yet been determined. Sara graduated from Louisiana State University with an English degree, which qualifies her to write biographies no one will read and use semi-colons appropriately. She also learned that it is possible to graduate from LSU without attending a single sports game of any kind. She moved to Little Rock in 2013.

There was no reason or interesting story behind this move. (Seriously, there is no story.) Sara started working in the legal field in 2013. She discovered that, although her years of watching Law & Order reruns were not that helpful, her English degree was. Sara’s 2021 goal is to read enough books to total 35,000 pages. (She is currently at 30,000 and change.)



Her favorite book is We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. Her least favorite book is something she would never disclose because no one should be forced to even read the title. She attributes her love of reading to her parents and a childhood of long, boring car trips with no internet-equipped devices.

Speaking of car trips, her favorite road sign is Bridge Ices Before Road and her dream is to tour the AMPAS Museum in Los Angeles, California, and the Carmex chapstick factory in Franklin, Wisconsin. She hates waiting in line, cold hot dogs, and tall buildings, which she occasionally forgets while on vacation. She watches Speed at midnight every New Year’s Eve.

A Fantastic Employment Law Paralegal

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5 Star Ratings!

Thank you guys for helping me receive the most out of my unpaid overtime with my previous employer this amount allowed my family to get out of a financial hardship and allowed us to get back on our feet and ahead on bills. I got referred to you guys my another firm and you guys went above and beyond to get the most out of the situation highly recommend you guys

Jeffery Canion
5 Star Ratings!

Attorney Chris Burks was able to help me win my unemployment appeal & I am so thankful! I knew I should’ve been eligible for benefits as I was wrongfully terminated & he was able to ask the right questions in the hearing & get the decision reversed. It was so nice to have someone stand up for me & question my previous employer for their wrong doing. I am a forever grateful client!

Tiffany Malone
5 Star Ratings!

Did a great job of explaining the process and always responded quickly to any questions.

Marla Foreman
5 Star Ratings!

WH Law has great attorneys, I had a great experience. Highly recommend!

Lexi Seymour