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Second chances for prisoners don’t come twice — that’s a fact that attorneys and prosecutors know all too well. And no one understands the need for prison reform better than attorneys who are on the front-lines of the criminal justice system.

The drastic drop in crime rates we’ve seen in the past three decades has come at a steep cost: state and local spending on corrections has surged from $17 billion to $71 billion. Millions of former offenders can’t hold steady jobs. Yet, once they re-enter society, there’s a huge pressure on former convicts to maintain stable housing and support their families. The contradictions are severe and the toll it takes on citizens is unnecessarily pervasive.

Caught between this rock and a hard place, one attorney from Little Rock, Arkansas, Stewart Whaley, is doing his part to transform relationships between individuals and the legal system.

About Stewart A. Whaley

Attorneys like Stewart Whaley see firsthand the toll that wrongful prosecutions, aggressive sentencing, and poor incarceration models have on their convicted clients.

Working tirelessly for his clients, Stewart Whaley is doing everything he can to transform that reality. From transitioning citizens to re-enter society successfully and sustainably, to tirelessly working to resolve his clients’ domestic grievances, Stewart Whaley is a problem-solver and systems-thinker who just happens to be a best-in-class attorney.

Stewart Whaley knows a thing or two about transitioning roles and changing your life.

Before committing to the practice of the law full-time, Stewart worked to understand complex software systems, their unique digital language, and the relationships that made them tick. His work as a software developer, Chief Privacy & Security Officer, and in-house counsel helped him transition seamlessly from digital systems to the legal system.

Specializing in criminal defense, domestic relations, and family law, Stewart spends his professional time providing excellent legal defense, and his personal time advocating for prisoners’ rights.

Stewart’s qualifications as a Dependency/Neglect Attorney ad Litem, Domestic Relations Attorney ad Litem, and an advisor to the Central Arkansas Re-entry Coalition make him an empathetic but excellent lawyer that his clients want on their side.



After graduating with Honors from the William H. Bowen School of Law in Little Rock, Stewart trained with the National Institute for Trial Advocacy. This is where he discovered his passion for fearless advocacy in criminal justice cases and prisoners’ rights, especially as they transition and return as citizens from incarceration to re-entry into society.

Besides being an integral member of the Arkansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National Association of Criminal Association of Defense Lawyers, and the Pulaski County Bar Association, Stewart is also part of the Central Arkansas Re-Entry (CARE) Coalition.

A Criminal Defense Attorney You Can Count On to Care

Attorneys who understand the prison system, post-incarceration requirements, and prosecutorial process are in the best position to help their clients. But attorneys like Stewart Whaley who offer their expertise with empathy and care are rare. Along with a defense, Stewart provides several essential prison services that individuals may need, including:

  • Parole hearings & review
  • Probation hearings & review
  • Prison disciplinary issues
  • Grievances
  • Brutality
  • Medical and mental health
  • Freedom of Information Act (FoIA)
  • Parole Plans

Part of Stewart’s criminal defense and juvenile representation services also include:

  • Expungement/sealing of records
  • Abuse by law enforcement
  • Case analysis and strategy
  • Improper application
  • Notification-level appeals

The criminal justice system is a complex and often multifaceted aspect of the law. Like family law, there are deadlines, paperwork, case management, strategy, and even jury-based trials. It’s not meant to intimidate individuals, but being charged with felonies can quickly feel like matters are spiraling out of control. Even misdemeanors and DUIs/DWIs come with jail time, fines, and other serious consequences that can seriously derail your life.

Arkansas courts are tough, but wh Law is both tougher and smarter.

First off, we’ll never ask you to plead guilty unless it’s absolutely necessary or works in your favor, and you should watch out for attorneys who ask you to do this without a good reason. Courts will hold misdemeanors against you in the future if you’re convicted of another crime, which could seriously affect your sentencing because of mandatory sentences and the three-strike law in Arkansas.

These precarious factors are precisely why you need an aggressive but empathetic criminal defense attorney prior to going to trial, facing a prosecutor, or a judge.

At wh Law, we focus on providing our clients with a three-pronged approach to criminal defense cases.

Our attorneys work with you to walk you through the process and ask you to explain your view of the events.
We also conduct our own investigations, rather than rely on evidence supplied to us by the state. It’s crucial that we get to the scene right away because, in a criminal case, time is of the essence. The faster we can conduct our investigation of the evidence against you, the sooner we can get the proper evidence to fight for you.
Finally, we thoroughly employ our own knowledge, training and experience in crafting our theory of the case. This is based on the best strategy to get your desired outcome, and one that is both a creative and aggressive bid to protect your freedom.

Our legal experience covers a range of criminal law cases including:

  • DWIs
  • Drug possession and trafficking
  • Weapons charges
  • White collar and organized crime
  • Robbery and burglary
  • Homicide
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Appeals

There are specific strategies that criminal defense attorneys use to protect you from the damage of convictions. Allow the criminal defense team at wh Law to do everything in our power to keep prosecutorial overreach away from you.


A message from Steve:

“During my time developing, supporting, and solving real-world technology problems, I quickly understood that creative, clear, and systematic thinking was the best approach to any issue. When you translate the same skills to individuals, however, it’s far more rewarding because you have the chance to change lives. I advocate persistently for prisoners’ rights, transitional care, and case management because I know that these lesser-known areas are the margins where we can make a difference. While any criminal defense team at an experienced law firm can and will promise to represent you, few will go the extra mile and think through all aspects of the process like our team at wh Law.”

Contact our team and experience the difference of attorneys who are interested in helping however we can.

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