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With dozens of glowing testimonials and a 10.0 Justia Lawyer Rating, Stewart A. Whaley is one of the top-rated attorneys in Little Rock. With expertise in all things employment law and professional license defense, Stewart is prepared to use his firsthand experience to work through your case so that you can get the best possible outcome.

About Stewart A. Whaley

Stewart lives in central Arkansas with his wife, Heather, and their children. Stewart spends his free time with his family, and he tries to watch as many Razorback games as possible. When he can find the time, he enjoys UFC fights and any standup comedy he can find. In true Arkansan fashion, he doesn’t pass up opportunities to hunt.

Before committing to the practice of the law full-time, Stewart worked to understand complex software systems, their unique digital language, and the relationships that made them tick. His work as a software developer, Chief Privacy & Security Officer, and in-house counsel helped him transition seamlessly from digital systems to the legal system.

Stewart has chosen to devote his entire practice to protecting people’s rights. He is devoted to helping individuals who have faced discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, pay issues, and all things employment law, as well as protecting the rights of professionals who are facing the suspension of their license. He spends his personal time advocating for prisoners’ rights.

Stewart’s goal for every workday is to make the government follow the law and to protect the constitution. Unfortunately, the government doesn’t always follow the law if given the choice.


After graduating with Honors from the William H. Bowen School of Law in Little Rock, Stewart trained with the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

An Employment Attorney You Can Count On

Stewart is in and out of Court all day every day helping his fellow people navigate their employment law issues.

Protecting Nurses in the State of Arkansas

If you’re a nurse needing to protect your rights, it’s important to consider hiring an attorney. You are not required to have one in order to maneuver through the Nursing Board’s disciplinary process, but having a professional and licensed lawyer on your side is invaluable to protect your career.

An attorney can provide strategies that support putting you in the most favorable position possible – particularly if criminal charges factor into the complaint against you. An experienced legal representative is essential for safeguarding both yourself and your license!

The Nursing Board attorneys offer proof in the form of evidence gathered during an investigation to support their case against a nurse. During this time, members of the Board may ask you questions as well.

The nurse is then able to present their defense with any necessary witnesses or relevant evidence that works towards countering what has been presented by the opposing attorney. We help achieve successful outcomes for our clients due to our expertise and experience in handling matters such as these – being licensed professionals with extensive board hearing insight.

From start to finish, we will be with our clients each step of the way. We communicate with the Nursing Board attorneys to make sure that our nurses are secure and protected throughout the disciplinary process, since final decisions may detrimentally affect their career trajectory.

To ensure the most favorable outcome for any hearing, we actively prepare all necessary documents and arguments beforehand. Although hearings can often lead to success, there is also an opportunity for alternative means of resolution; by agreeing on certain terms or facts before proceeding forward into formal action may further improve outcomes overall.

Discrimination, Harassment and Wrongful Dismissal and Termination

Wrongful Termination

If you believe you were wrongfully dismissed or fired by your employer, we can work for you. Wrongful termination means a violation of any law that protects employment.

Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

Everyone is entitled to fair and equitable employment opportunities, pay, and working conditions that are protected by federal, state, and local laws. If you have experienced discrimination based on age, race religion nationality disability pregnancy gender or sexual orientation contact us today! Our highly skilled attorneys can provide potential legal remedies for your situation as well as compensation for any injuries suffered due to the unlawful treatment.

Sexual Harassment

At our firm, we are devoted to putting an end to the rampant yet underreported sexual harassment in the workplace. We understand how sensitive and frustrating these cases can be for those involved, so we approach each client with not only consideration and understanding but also passionate advocacy of their rights. If you have faced unwelcome sexual suggestions or pressure from a supervisor or co-worker, objectionable acts by an outsider, creation of a hostile work situation, or any other form of illicit activity at your job site – then look no further! Our team is here to help put an end to this misconduct while seeking financial compensation on your behalf.

Disputes Over Pay – Wage and Hour Disputes

Our lawyers specialize in protecting the rights of both individual employees and groups of people facing wage-related disagreements. We are familiar with a variety of legislation, including those related to overtime abuse, employee classification as exempt or nonexempt status, commission plans, expense reimbursements and meal/rest break violations. With our knowledge on federal, state and local regulations demanding employers pay their staff fully & timely – we guarantee you will be compensated rightly!

How Stewart Will Help You

  • Stewart and his team will conduct their own investigation in which they will gather facts, evidence, and scientific arguments against the prosecution. By doing separate research, Stewart can guarantee a better result for your case.
  • During the trial and investigation process, there will be many important decisions you have to make. Your attorney will stand beside you to help you, including deciding whether you want a judge or jury trial and if you want to look into negotiating a plea agreement. He will offer you personalized counsel and only suggest a decision based on what is most suitable.

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Stewart A. Whaley Google Testimonials

5 Star Ratings!

Having Mr. Whaley on my side during the worst time in my career was invaluable. He helped keep me calm which was difficult to do. Most importantly, he believed me and by working together, we were able to prove our case. I could not be happier with the results!

Christine Booth
5 Star Ratings!

The best money I’ve ever spent. Mr. Whaley and staff are professional, diligent, trustworthy, friendly, and hard-working. I will definitely trust them again with any legal issues in the future.

April Ryburn
5 Star Ratings!

Did a great job of explaining the process and always responded quickly to any questions.

Marla Foreman
5 Star Ratings!

WH Law has great attorneys, I had a great experience. Highly recommend!

Lexi Seymour
5 Star Ratings!

"Mr. Whaley is an amazing lawyer and gets the job done have been working with him now for awhile And he's always on the ball Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for our family"

Jessica Daniels

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