Yiesha L. Jones


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About Yiesha

Yiesha Jones is from Delight/Antoine/Okolona, Arkansas. She graduated University of Arkansas at Little Rock with bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice, Henderson University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and law school at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago. Prior to law, Yiesha has worked as a mental health paraprofessional for children with mental and developmental disorders and was a volunteer Resident Assistant for 3 years helping to house aged out foster youth. She is also certified as an attorney ad litem. She chose a career in family law because she realized the gap between parenting issues and access to justice and wanted to be a part of bridging that gap.

Yiesha has a big family, and her favorite past time is spending time with them by enjoying summer weather and gathering on the patio, for family dinner at each holiday, and for Friday fish nights. She also is very involved with her little cousins whom she refers to as her nephews and niece. Yiesha enjoys tv and film in her spare time and is a true crime aficionado. She enjoys the beach on vacation and hopes to travel more in the future. She collects coffee mugs from each state or country she visits. Besides helping people through law, she has a life goal of having a screen play or book published.