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How Much Does an Arkansas Divorce Cost?

The Quick, Easy, and Cheap Arkansas Divorce

I talk to a lot of people who need divorces. Everyone wants them to be quick and easy, and most want them to be cheap. To that end, many of these people don’t have much money and want advice about whether they can complete their divorce without an attorney to save on divorce cost.  You can try to complete it without an attorney, but you might hit some bumps in the road. Here is pricing for the uncontested divorce:

Full Representation for Uncontested Divorce
  1. $985 - Uncontested divorce (the full package) it covers the filing fee, all the documents, and up to 4 hours of time. If the divorce becomes contested the price may go up.

What is an uncontested divorce?

Many lawyers use the terms differently—to distinguish tough divorces from easy divorces. So, a divorce where the parties agree on everything will be an uncontested divorce in Arkansas. In many instances, anything else is a contested divorce. (And once something is contested, the divorce cost automatically goes way up, of course.)

Limited-Scope Representation - buying one piece at a time.
  1. $250 - Drafting documents to file for divorce.
  2. $200 - Drafting documents to respond to a divorce filed against you.
  3. $100 - Drafting a waiver of service.
  4. $250 - Drafting a divorce decree.
  5. $200 - Drafting or responding to a motion.
  6. $400 - Drafting discovery.
  7. $200 - Represent you at an uncontested divorce hearing.

How Much Does a Contested Divorce Cost in Arkansas?

Divorce is expensive. The biggest divorce cost is obviously the emotional toll. No matter how difficult a marriage has been, it is hard to end it. The financial cost of an Arkansas divorce can also be significant, but it doesn’t have to be. However, we are trying to make it easier for the Average Arkansan to afford a lawyer.

The Flat Fee Divorce
  1. $3,000 - Flat fee for a divorce that ends in a half-day hearing. This includes the filing fee and service.
  2. $5,000 - Flat fee for a divorce that ends in a full-day hearing. This includes the filing fee and service.
  3. $2,000 - Flat fee each additional day of hearings.

Full Representation consists of Drafting and filing of a Summons, Complaint, Decree and other motions the attorney deems necessary, as well as performing discovery in contested matters. Depositions are not included in the full representation. However, if the client decides a deposition is necessary, the client will approve and pay for the costs of the court reporter, the transcript, and an additional $500 flat fee for the attorney to perform or defend the deposition. Not every divorce will fit into categories, but 95% will.  These figures don’t factor in things like experts or private investigator fees, which might make it significantly more expensive. (Many experts are more expensive than lawyers.)

The most important thing you need to know about Arkansas divorce costs is that a) they are manageable, and b) your lawyer should be completely up front with you about costs. If you think that he or she is not being completely upfront with you, you need to hire someone else.

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