Proud to Make our Home in Argenta, North Little Rock

If you haven’t been to downtown North Little Rock in some time, you really need to drop in.  Argenta, the historic portion of North Little Rock’s Main Street, is thriving after many years of mediocrity.  Anchored by City Hall, the surrounding blocks have seen revitalization over the past two decades that have made the area not only walkable but eclectic (and safely walkable!).

The Argenta Community Theater is a beautiful facility for fans of the arts and is surrounded by numerous restaurants and shops up and down Main Street.  A farmers’ market makes frequent appearances during summers while the old columned post office has been given new life as the Argenta Branch Library.  Just off Main is the residential area complete with townhouses, apartments, and old homes that have been lovingly restored.


The restaurants in Argenta are phenomenal. Ristorante Capeo is as good as any Italian restaurant in central Arkansas. If you’re looking to make your cheat day particularly rewarding, Reno’s wings and cheese fries will do the trick. Diamond Bear Brewing (on the west end of Argenta) has excellent sandwiches and, if you’re feeling your midwestern roots, fried cheese curds. And there’s always Mugs, on the north end of Argenta, for good coffee and wifi.

The wh Law | We Help office is located in the US Bank building just across from City Hall.  To our east, on one end of Broadway nearest I-30, Verizon Arena beckons concert goers, graduating classes, and sports enthusiasts.  Replacing a shopping center, the arena has made North Little Rock a mecca for a variety of major events in central Arkansas and beyond.  The list of major music acts alone is impressive.

We are bracketed on the other end of Broadway by Dickey-Stephens Park, the home of the Arkansas Travelers.  The ballpark overlooks the Arkansas River while the Little Rock skyline makes a stunning backdrop.  The Arkansas Razorbacks even come to play in the park on occasion, just as their basketball counterparts make it to Verizon Arena during their own season.  The USS Razorback submarine makes the North Little Rock riverbank its watery berth and cyclists glide along the Arkansas River Trail as it winds its way around the homes on the riverwalk.

And the growth doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. Just this month, First Orion announced that it would be moving its global headquarters to Argenta.

All in all, North Little Rock is a great place to live, play, and work and each year it only improves.   If it has been some time since you’ve been to Argenta, take a drive around or, better yet, park and walk along the riverbank and the tall trees that line the Arkansas River.  More than likely you’ll discover something old, but you’ll also find many things new.