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February 2019 Arkansas Bar Exam Results

Congratulations to all those who passed the February 2019 Arkansas Bar Exam!

Here are the results: 2019FebruaryBarExamResults

Enjoy scrambling around to find a judge to swear you in on Tuesday.  Let the fun begin!

But seriously—we are pleased to have you all as colleagues. Do well.

Looking for some extra reading? After You Get Your Bar Exam Scores


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Brandon Haubert Arkansas Lawyer

Brandon M. Haubert


Brandon grew up in Clarksville, Arkansas, where he learned the most important parts about lawyering: How to work hard, how to to work smart, and how to work out problems with other people. The rest he picked up in law school and his first few years of practice, but he firmly believes that most of what makes him a good advocate is what he…

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