Be Aware of Your Estate Plan!

Today begins National Estate Planning Awareness Week. (Seriously—it’s a real thing.) So here’s our not-so-subtle nudge for you to become more aware about your estate plan. And then hire us to do help you!

But first, a story: There are four lawyers at wh Law | We Help, and each of our practice areas are different.

Greg and I practice family law. (He does other stuff, too—namely, criminal defense.)


Dennis focuses on estate planning and elder law.

Brandon practices in estate planning and businesses transactions as well as the litigation in those areas.

Each of these practice areas is different—each has a different “feel” to it. Each of these areas confront people at different periods in their lives.

Estate planning stands out from the rest of the stuff we do. In fact, it really stands out from most other area of law because it’s something you do when times are good. That is, you’re free to put it off if you want. There’s usually not an emergency that would make you pay attention to your estate plan. (If you’re curious about what estate planning is, please take some time to poke around our website. Lots of good stuff here.)

Think about it: No one has to tell you to go hire a lawyer if your ex-spouse is trying to take your kids away. And no one has to twist your arm to hire a lawyer if you get accused of a crime. And if you’re a business and get sued and have a lot of money on the line, you never wonder about whether or not to handle it yourself.

But that’s not how estate planning works. Lightning will not strike you if you keep living without a will. Your life will continue to look pretty much the way it’s always looked. No one will single you out in a crowd for not having your estate in order.

No, estate planning is unique because, under most circumstances,  it won’t matter until you die. That’s when the emergency happens: Your heirs have to fix the mess you left them. And spend a year (or more) tied up in probate (sort of like purgatory for people who are alive.)

Estate planning is relatively inexpensive, relatively straightforward, and will make your heirs life much, much more pleasant when you’re gone. (As an aside, we’re quite good at estate planning. You should hire us to—you guessed it!—protect what matters to you).