Back to Bremen – Book by Cecelia Wilson

Back to BremenOur very own Cecelia Wilson has a non-fiction book being published today. With that being said, let’s transition to the shameless plug:

A little about the book, the book’s website, and Facebook page below —

Edith Röpke, her seven siblings and their mother Marta have already learned to be silent and live inconspicuously…

It is 1939. On the cusp of World War II, the city of Bremen holds its breath with quiet unease. For years, the Jews have been excluded from everyday life. Now, all of Germany will suffer for their Führer’s mad ambitions. In his quest for Aryan utopia, Adolf Hitler invades Poland, and Britain and France declare war on Germany.

Bremen’s ports and factories soon bear the brunt of payloads from RAF Wellingtons and Lancasters, and Edith’s childhood is defined by unrelenting Allied bombing raids, streets strewn with dead bodies, and the ever-present reminder to trust no one outside the family.

Seen through Edith’s eyes as a child and through her memories as an adult seventy years after the war’s end, Back to Bremen depicts her harrowing nine-week journey through war-torn Germany. It’s the story of a child’s fear and the sheer determination of a mother risking it all so she and her children can return home. Back to Bremen is a vivid reminder that war creates countless victims, but hope can make heroes of the most common among us.

You can meet Cecelia, the book’s subject, Edith Röpke Harris, and get the book signed on Saturday, April 22 from 10 AM – 12 PM at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, 10415 Mount Pleasant Cutoff, Cabot, AR 72023.

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