“Back to Bremen” Book by Cecelia Wilson

Anyone who’s ever worked very long in a long firm knows that it’s not really the lawyers that run everything; it’s the support staff. Here at wh Law | We Help, we would be lost without our Office Manager Cecelia Wilson. She’s the one that keeps the wheels from coming off.

When she’s not wrangling a bunch of lawyers and running the office, she enjoys writing plays, books, and magazine articles. She has written the feature section in “Searcy Living” for years and always receives rave reviews on her pieces there. In that capacity, she has written extensively about interesting people in the community. According to her, everyone has a story; it’s up to her to capture it.Back to Bremen

She recently wrote and published a non-fiction book, “Back to Bremen,” about her dear friend Edith Röpke Harris.  Over the years, Edith shared with Cecelia the story of her childhood in World War II Germany. It is truly the kind of story you usually only see in the movies.  Throughout this time, Cecelia wrote condensed versions of Edith’s story as magazine articles, but they always toyed with the idea of someday discussing all the details for a book.  In 2013, Cecelia and Edith finally found the time to uncover all the details and begin the process of writing a full-length book on Edith’s story.

During months of interviews, Edith was surprised to find she remembered smaller facts she hadn’t thought of in seventy years.  There was a lot of research to be done as well to hone in on approximate dates, events, and specifics on the war itself.  For a year, Cecelia searched for a publisher interested in the manuscript; almost another full year was spent with an editor, with the publisher and his staff on cover art, page layout, and readying the manuscript for publication.  But, on March 28, 2017, on Edith’s 81st birthday, “Back to Bremen” was released. According to Cecelia, all the hard work was worth it. Not only does the family have a written history for their descendants, but the general public can now read this fascinating life that is also part of history.

You can purchase the book on Amazon.com, where it has received many excellent reviews. To discover more about the book, go to the book’s website.