Stopped at a DWI checkpoint in Arkansas?

Stopped at a DWI checkpoint in Arkansas? DWI checkpoints have their own special sets of rules for the police to play by.  Unlike a traditional traffic stop for which turns into an arrest for driving while intoxicated, a sobriety checkpoint must follow its own set of rules. How does a traditional traffic stop occur? In…

Criminal Law | DWI   •    Jan 14 2020


Arkansas Open Container Laws

Can I have an open container of alcohol in my vehicle while driving in Arkansas? Up until 2017, the answer was yes. But the recently passed HB 1001 changes that. Now, it is illegal for passengers to have an open alcoholic beverage while on a highway or other public road. It is legal to have…

Criminal Law | DWI | Traffic   •    Nov 27 2018


What is a DRE Officer?

A DRE is a Drug Recognition Evaluation trained law enforcement officer. This officer has been through specific training to detect signs of intoxication for DWI Drug offenses. The DRE officer follows a DRE manual which defines a drug as follows: “any substance, which, when taken into the human body, can impair the ability of the…

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One Leg Stand

The “one leg stand” is the third and final Standardized Field Sobriety Test a police officer will use on a person they have stopped for suspicion of driving while intoxicated in Arkansas. The one leg stand is broken into two parts. First is the Instruction stage. Second is the Balance and counting stage.  In the…

Criminal Law | DWI   •    May 3 2018


Field Sobriety Test: Walk and Turn

The second most performed field sobriety test in a DWI investigation is the Walk and Turn.  To fully understand this field sobriety test, you must become familiar with the phases and scoring of the test.  After you are acquainted with proper administration, you can then point to the issues which may arise during the test….

Criminal Law | DWI   •    Apr 5 2018


HGN Test: What You Need to Know

Many people are somewhat familiar with some of the tests that are given by police officers when they are investigating a possible DWI. The first test which comes to mind for people when they think about DWI testing is the eye test, or the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus test. To understand the HGN test, you will…

Criminal Law | DWI   •    Mar 20 2018


Charged with a DUI? Here’s how a Lawyer Can Help.

It’s a mistake you probably hope to never make: driving after you’ve had one too many drinks, and getting pulled over by the police. A moment of indiscretion is sometimes all it takes to get caught driving under the influence, but if you should ever find yourself charged with DUI, its best to get yourself…

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DWI Arrest | How to Continue to Drive Afterwards

Criminal Law | DWI | Traffic   •    Jan 26 2018


DWI Charges | Traffic Cues for Probable Cause

DWI charges are not routine; many people are stopped by police during their daily commutes, and few of those stops result in DWI charges. Some of these stops result in simply a warning and others may result in some minor traffic violation ticket. However, in cases where it is alleged that the driver has been…

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Do I Have to Take the Standard Field Sobriety Tests?

Criminal Law | DWI | Traffic   •    Mar 15 2016