What is a “Miller Trust?”

Miller Trusts are a type of trust used to qualify a Medicaid applicant for Medicaid when the Medicaid applicant’s income exceeds the state published Income Cap.  In Arkansas, the “Income Cap” (a phrase with a specific meaning for Medicaid purposes) as of the date of this article is $2,250. This means any applicant for Medicaid…

Elder Law | Medicaid   •    Sep 25 2018


How to Pay for Nursing Home Care

One of the greatest fears people have about aging is loss of health and ending up in a nursing home.  How are you going to afford to pay for long-term care? There are basically four ways to pay for the cost of a nursing home:     Long-Term Care Insurance- Long Term Care Insurance is…

What are the exceptions to the Medicaid transfer penalty?

We do a fair amount of asset protection for families with loved ones entering nursing homes and deal with medicaid transfers.  We almost always transfer assets out of the medically needy individual’s name. This generally allows for the preservation of a majority of the assets and allows the medically needy person to qualify for Medicaid….

Arkansas Medicaid: What You Need to Apply

Helping your parents or other family members enter a nursing home is always difficult, no matter the financial situation. There is the stress of deciding which home is best for your loved one. There is the sadness in seeing your loved one taken away from the home that he or she has come to love….

Elder Law | Medicaid   •    Nov 8 2017


Healthcare Costs during Retirement

In the practice area of Elder Law we often deal with how to pay for the medical costs of our clients. Most of the time people do not call until they are facing a $6,000.00 a month bill from the nursing home. Most people spend a large amount of money on healthcare before they ever…

Long Term Care: The Steps to Qualify

It happens often to families today. They have to move a family member into a nursing home and it is never easy. You have to take someone out of their comfortable surroundings and move them into an area that they often do not want to go. Nursing home staff try to do the best they…