When is Joint Custody Considered the Best Interest of The Child?

Clients ask us a form of this question almost every day.  Joint custody has been rare for the majority of the history of family law in Arkansas.  However, that trend is changing in many courts throughout the state. When a Judge is considering custody of children, they always look at what is in “the best…

Custody and Support | Family Law   •    Feb 12 2019


Child Support Payments – What to Expect

You probably landed here because you’re going through a divorce, or you’re thinking about it, and you have children. If so, you’re in the right place. There are many issues surrounding child support in Arkansas and it’s important to know what your rights are. When will a court order child support payments? A court will…

Custody and Support | Family Law   •    Feb 5 2019


What are some examples of what is in the best interest of a child?

In Arkansas, when a court is deciding custody and visitation of a child, they look at the “child’s best interest” standard. This is a standard made up of many factors. Those factors can vary in the way the court weighs them and how many factors there are, both positively and negatively. To help you better…

Custody and Support | Family Law   •    Sep 18 2018


Child Custody Through Their Eyes

Divorce can be a tough conversation to have with your children. We talked to two adults who were open about their childhood and what it looked like going between their birth parents. These are their stories about child custody and what they had to say about it. Their names have been altered, but their story…

Custody and Support | Family Law   •    Apr 19 2018


Child Support Laws: Equitable and Fair for Both Parents?

We all know how traumatic divorce can be, and the stakes are raised when children are involved, because there’s the whole matter of child support. However, the trauma is often the same even for children conceived outside of marriage. Unfortunately, many people, particularly men, feel that child support laws are not equitable and fair for…

Custody and Support | Family Law   •    Mar 5 2018


4 Things that are NOT in the Best Interest of the Child

There are a lot of concepts that are hard to define. Irony, for instance, is a tough one. Love, too—how do you define a word that can both be used to describe affection for french fries, The Beatles, and your mother? Here’s another concept whose meaning is unclear: The Best Interest of the Child. Everyone…

Custody and Support | Divorce | Family Law   •    Mar 2 2016


The Temporary Hearing in Child Custody Cases

Custody and Support | Family Law   •    Feb 23 2016


How Far Back Does Arkansas Child Support Go?

Going to court is nearly always a scary thing—usually, someone is trying to get some money out of you. Arkansas family court is even scarier because you’ve got both money and relationships at stake. Words like “alimony,” “full custody,” or “relocation” are a guaranteed recipe for ulcers and sleep loss and all sorts of other court-induced misery. Here’s one…

Custody and Support | Family Law   •    Oct 28 2015


When Does Arkansas Child Support Stop?

This post is a simple and straightforward one, but I get this question all the time: “When does my Arkansas child support stop?” In Arkansas, a person’s child support obligation will stop “as a matter of law” (more on that in a second) when one of the following things happens:  The child turns 18 and…

Custody and Support | Family Law   •    Feb 3 2015


How Does Interstate Child Custody Work in Arkansas?

The legal issues with child custody in Arkansas are usually pretty simple: Who’s the better parent? (As set forth in the magical “best interest of the child” standard.) No need to be a lawyer to understand that. Things can get a little tricky, however, when the child custody issues involve more than one state. This…

Custody and Support | Family Law   •    Jan 7 2015