How Do I End My Probation Early in Arkansas?

Many defendants in Arkansas who enter into a plea deal will end up on probation. If you end up on probation, it is important to understand how it can be terminated.

The first step in attempting to end your probation early is contacting an Arkansas criminal defense lawyer.

In assessing whether to terminate a person’s probation early, the court will look to many different factors. Some of the factors include: the relationship with one’s probation officer and whether a person has completed all the requirements, such as completing classes, community service, having paid all restitution, and any other requirements set forth by the court.

If a person has completed all the requirements, other than the time, a criminal defense lawyer can file motions with the court to terminate the probation early. It is important to consider ending it early.

The sooner you are off probation, the less likely you are to engage in some activity that can cause you to face a revocation. It is important not to get revoked because in many situations, a revocation can do away with the ability of a person to receive the benefits of being sentenced under certain acts such as the first offenders act (Act 346 or Act 531).

If you think you may be eligible for early probation termination, contact one of our Arkansas criminal defense lawyers today.