Entertaining Criminals of July 2014

Robs the place; returns for lunch

A man suspected of burglarizing an El Pollo Loco in Costa Mesa, California, has been arrested after he returned to the restaurant for a meal a few hours after the robbery. Daniel Lee Warn, 28, was arrested Wednesday when he tried to order food at the restaurant, because employees recognized him from the security footage of the robbery.

Breaks in and Falls Asleep

A New Mexico man faces charges after authorities say a couple found him naked and sleeping in their bed. Investigators say 30-year-old Freddy Shelby of Albuquerque was arrested Sunday after the homeowners called police to report their unwanted mystery guest.

Oklahoma woman calls police to complain that her meth was ‘laced’

An Oklahoma woman wasn’t satisfied with the purity of her methamphetamine, so she decided to do something about it. Unfortunately for Lynette Rae Sampson, the course of action she chose ended up leaving her with felony drug charges. The 54-year-old allegedly called police because she thought her “ice” was laced with something. When an officer arrived to check it out, Sampson reportedly said, “I’m glad you came.”

Police bust bank robber wearing shirt with his name on it

A Colorado man made it very easy for law enforcement officials to earn their paychecks after allegedly robbing a bank while wearing a shirt with his name on it. According to police, John David Martinez went to a Wells Fargo branch in Denver wearing a personalized polo shirt bearing his name. The suspect approached a teller and said, “This is a robbery, give me the money.” To make it even easier for police, the suspect also allegedly drove his own Honda to the bank so investigators were able to use the license plate to track down Martinez.

Licensed revoked at court – gets in car and drives away

Kieron Pemberton, 29, of Wigan, had his licence taken away for 14 months for failing to provide a breath sample. But upon leaving court, an eagle-eyed police officer who had been present at the hearing saw the motorist get into his car and start to drive away. He was pulled over and arrested.