What does an Arkansas Estate Plan Cost?

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First, I guess we need to talk about what an Arkansas estate plan can include. It can contain the following:

Living Revocable Trust, Irrevocable Trust, Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Living Will, Personal Property Memorandum, Funding of the Trust, deeds, and an LLC

Now, your estate plan can also include single parts of the above list. We try to provide Clients only the services they need. We will provide a free 30 minutes consult to answer your questions and ask questions of our own to try and figure out how best to address your estate planning needs.

Here are the flat-rate costs for the typical estate plans: 

Trust Plans: 

Trust Plans include the following documents: 1. trust, 2. certification of trust, 3. funding instructions, and the following: 4. pour over will, 5. financial durable power of attorney, 6. healthcare power of attorney, 7. living will, 8. assignment of property, 9. personal property memorandum, and  10. deeds.

Deeds provided by the Firm | Otherwise Client funded.

Joint Trust Estate Plan $2,150.00

Individual Trust Estate Plan $1,750.00

Deeds and Funding Letters drafted by the Firm.

Joint Trust Estate Plan $2,500.00

Individual Trust Estate Plan $2,000.00

Will Plans: 

Will plans include the following: will, power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, living will, and personal property memorandum.

Joint Wills Estate Plan $950.00

Individual Wills Estate Plan $600.00

Powers of Attorney

Includes: powers of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, living will.

Joint Powers of Attorney $275.00

Individual Powers of Attorney $200.00

If you are interested in making a plan for your estate, it is very important to get started early.  One of the most common issues that drives a wedge into families is the distribution of a deceased family member’s estate.  To avoid any strife among your family members, it is important to make a definite plan so that no one feels the need to fight over your possessions.  Call us today, and we can set up an appointment to determine what type of plan will best suit your needs.