The Good Kind of Legalese

This is a guest post by Cecelia, who manages the office.

We recently expanded our Firm’s square footage and have finally moved into the newly renovated space.  Our hope is the new office not only functions well for all of us that come to work here each day, but has a great feel for you as well. It’s easy for us to forget that it is often stressful visiting with an attorney, so anything we can do to make you more at ease just makes your time spent with us more productive and much more relaxing. That’s right: Our new office promotes legal-ease.

We have a spectacular view of the Arkansas River and the Little Rock skyline from our conference room, and we planned the space so everyone who walks in the front door gets to enjoy that sight.  It is rare that a person walks in the door for the first time and doesn’t exclaim “Oh, I love your view.” When you walk in, you’ll know that this isn’t your grandfather’s law office: You won’t find any fox and hound scenes on the walls here, and we’ve deliberately avoided crusty law books and mahogany. You will find a soothing modern décor with lots of glass to bring in the light from the Southern exposure.  All our attorneys meet by appointment so you shouldn’t have to wait long when you arrive, but should you arrive early, you’ll find a comfy red sofa and a small fridge with soft drinks or water just below the TV to make the wait less tedious!  The Andy Griffith Show or Bonanza is usually playing on the big screen.

There’s no denying you may have weighty matters to discuss and decide while you’re with us.  But, regardless of the reason you sought out our Firm for your legal needs, we want to do what we can to make it an experience where you feel comfortable —both with your attorney of choice and our Firm’s environment.

And just to answer one frequently asked question ahead of time: We love our concrete floors!