Callie Steadman entered the legal field in 2013 when she began work at the Lonoke County Circuit Clerk’s office.  During her time there, she provided support to judicial offices, attorneys and other court staff.  She took the knowledge she gained from the court system and transitioned to the position of legal assistant in 2014.  Callie is a longtime resident of Cabot.  She enjoys outdoor activities and is passionate about animal rescue.

Meghan Gardner joined wh Law | We Help, in 2016 as a legal assistant at the Clarksville location. She attended Arkansas Tech University in Russellville and is a native to this area. She loves her community having spent nearly a decade working in customer service and management. Ms. Gardner is also a notary and presents a calm, helpful and supportive demeanor as she handles clients’ immediate needs while patiently explaining procedures for multiple attorneys who specialize in Family law, Estate Planning, Criminal Law, and Bankruptcy. This skill is vital with wh Law | We Help’s expanding locations around Arkansas. From clients with a small town point of view to clients from the great capital city, Meghan has the heart and the confidence to ensure every potential client feels safe and comfortable with our family here at wh Law | We Help, .

When contacting or scheduling an appointment with one of our attorneys Meghan will be happy to assist you, contact her at 501-372-1212 or 479-754-2512.

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