Lawyer who flipped the bird to defendant removed as a juror.

A partner at a Manhattan law firm has been removed as a juror in a New York case, but flipping the bird at the defendant is apparently not the reason for her dismissal.

The lawyer was dismissed on Friday, apparently because she read a newspaper article about the case, a court spokeswoman told the New York Times. A defense lawyer in the case asked U.S. District Judge George Daniels to dismiss the juror because she gave lead defendant Mark Mazer the finger last week as they both tried to enter a cab. The lawyer said the juror “locked eyes with me and gave me an extremely angry look” after jury selection ended. He asked that she be removed from the panel.

During jury selection, the juror had said she would be very tired if she served as a juror because she would have to work every night and help care for her infant children. She works as a lawyer in corporate finance and securities.

The juror was questioned after the cab incident about whether she had any contact with the parties. She told the court she had been running for a cab but someone else took it, making her angry. She said she didn’t know who took the cab and she could be an impartial juror.

The three defendants in the trial are accused in a scandal involving kickbacks in New York’s City Time payroll system.