New Name | Same Firm

Hey fellow Arkansans,

Looking for Wilson & Haubert law firm? Yes, you found us! We have simplified our name from Wilson & Haubert to  wh Law. We want our name to promote our goal: We Help.

Now, when you see our name, it may be in a combined fashion, the company name “wh Law” along with the company tagline “We Help”

“wh Law | We Help.”

Why did we change our name? Well, we aren’t your average law firm, so we don’t want an average law firm name (no one wants to type out Wilson & Haubert, PLLC, anyway). We got into this business to help people, and we think people should know what we do, not who we are. Ultimately, our name is not as important as the help we provide our fellow Arkansans here in Central Arkansas.

So, if you are looking for Wilson and Haubert, it is still us. We are here, we will be here for a long time to come, and we will help.