A “New Normal” for Lawyers?

One of my partners Brandon Haubert and I regularly have a “discussion” something like this:

Person 1: “How do you think we should do this?” (It could be anything.)

Person 2: “Well, I think I saw/read about/heard another lawyer doing it this way.”

Person 1: “Oh. But that is inefficient. And it doesn’t provide much value to the client.”

Person 2: “You may be right. Now that I think about it, that way doesn’t serve anyone but the lawyer.”

Person 1: “Let’s figure out a better way.”

At this point, Person 1 and Person 2 come together and figure out a better way to do something. The new way is never perfect—and it’s rarely very profound or interesting, but it is better. And when I say “better,” I don’t mean easier. I mean the new way is better-suited to bring tangible benefit to the clients we serve.

Evidently this makes us part of the “new normal.” I sure hope so.

Attorney-at-Work’s new ezine explains the “New Normal” for lawyers. It is worth a read if you’re more interested in serving your clients rather than serving your convenience.