The Quick, Easy, and Cheap Arkansas Divorce

I talk to a lot of people who need divorces. Everyone wants them to be quick and easy, and most want them to be cheap. To that end, many of these people don’t have much money and want advice about whether they can complete their divorce without an attorney. As it turns out, many of them, frankly, don’t need me (or any other lawyer, for that matter). It just depends on how complicated the divorce is going to be.

And although no two divorces are the exactly the same, it always seems to be the same issues that make them more complicated:

1. Whether your spouse likes to fight

2. Kids

3. Stuff

(Those are roughly in order of importance.)

Each of these things will make your divorce more complicated. If you have kids, it’s more complicated. If you own a bunch of stuff together, it’s more complicated. And if your spouse is immature or simply wants to fight, it’s more complicated. Any one of these might require you to hire a family lawyer; if more than one of these is true, it’s almost certain that you need a lawyer.

But if you don’t, go here: Quick, Easy, and Cheap Arkansas Divorce. A good friend of mine built this divorce packet, and it is very helpful for the person who has an uncontested divorce and wants a divorce that is quick, easy, and cheap.

It is hard to know whether the divorce packet is for you—whether you can complete your divorce yourself. On one hand, a lawyer is expensive. (Most people don’t have a lawyer fund sitting around.) But on the other hand, everyone has something to lose in a divorce—usually more than they realize. A good family lawyer can protect what’s important to you.