Should I have an attorney review my small business contract?

wh Law frequently reviews vendor and sale contracts for family-owned and small businesses.  We do so to ensure that the contract is clear and to ensure that the contract actually provides protections for you.

In addition, wh Law drafts contracts for employers looking to provide contracts to their employees.

In doing so, wh Law draws on its experience litigating employment law cases. We’ve litigated numerous employment cases through the years.  We have learned how the language actually plays out before the court and arbitration systems. While some individuals focus on drafting contracts, they might not have seen what happens with their language when litigation happens. Our unique experience allows our firm to provide practical and real-world counsel to our small-business contract clients.

The language in the contract is crucially important. Even one word in a small-business contract can make the entire contract worthless for the business owners

In other words, just because you have a contract doesn’t mean you have security.

An initial contract review usually takes a few hours. Consultations can be held in person or over the telephone. We will review your contract, provide a summary of its meaning, and identify any problem language that may exist. We can also negotiate with your vendors or suppliers regarding a contract to try and create a final document that protects your interests. If you are starting from scratch, we can also draft an employment contract for you to present to your employees.

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What is in an Employment Contract?

Employees that have entered into an employment contract with their employer are typically provided with several legal rights determined by the contract at issue. These rights range from compensation amount and structure to limits on the timing and grounds for a termination. Disputes or questions often arise over contractual language and the meaning of specific terms in the contract. Given the stakes involved with the meaning of even one sentence or word in a contract, contract disputes can quickly lead to litigation.

Do I need a good drafting and employment law attorney in my area?

Yes. Chris Burks is an experienced employment law attorney. He is a member of the National Employment Lawyers Association. Chris has represented thousands of employees in employment law cases across the country. His articles on employment law have been published. He knows the labor and employment laws well and will not stop fighting for your rights.