It’s a mistake you probably hope to never make: driving after you’ve had one too many drinks, and getting pulled over by the police. A moment of indiscretion is sometimes all it takes to get caught driving under the influence, but if you should ever find yourself charged with DUI, its best to get yourself a DUI lawyer.

Wondering how a lawyer can help you? Here’s how.

Trying to navigate the court system can be stressful, but a lawyer can make it less daunting for you. The lawyer can clearly set out your options so that you know how to proceed.

A good DUI lawyer knows their way around the court system, and that knowledge and expertise is going to be invaluable in ensuring that you get the minimum penalty possible. Since a lawyer has intimate knowledge of the court system, and also regularly interacts with judges and prosecutors, he or she will know what it takes to get a DUI charge reduced.  Having your charge reduced can be a huge benefit, because it will lessen the time it stays on your record.

A lawyer can advise you how to plead, which is especially useful if you are a repeat offender. Hiring a lawyer may be well worth it, if it will help you to reduce any likely fines. While some courts tend to be lenient in setting fines for first-time offenders, that’s usually not the case for repeat offenders, or for drivers caught with very high blood alcohol levels.

An experienced DUI lawyer can also skillfully negotiate on your behalf to minimize or avoid jail time. You certainly don’t want to have to tell your boss that you’re going to have to take a few days off work because of a DUI conviction. That revelation is certainly not going to go down well, and you may even find yourself out of a job. So it makes sense to hire a DUI lawyer that can help you avoid jail time.

Statistics show that the outcome of a DUI case is usually more favorable for someone with a lawyer. If it means having charges dismissed or reduced, then getting a lawyer is definitely worthwhile. Make certain that the lawyer you select has a defense strategy that will benefit your case.

Being charged with DUI can be damaging to your reputation, as it can affect your driving record, auto insurance, and much more. That’s why you should do everything possible to have it reduced, it’s therefore sensible to have a lawyer handle your case rather than try to fight it on your own.