The Contest is Now Over.

We have had 985 entries and now have to figure out who won. We will let you know when we pick a winner. If our client agrees, we will let you know who it was. If our client doesn’t agree, you will never know who it was. We believe in confidentiality here at Wilson & Haubert, PLLC.

Fine Print for the “free” Divorce

We are offering a “free” uncontested divorce for Valentine’s day. What does that mean? Can you get divorced for free?? YES – if it is uncontested. So, to put some concrete parameters on it: 1) we will cover the filing fee and the summons fee (ranging from $165 to $190); 2) we will cover 4 hours of billable time (this should cover the typical uncontested divorce). What does this mean in a practical sense? If it starts out uncontested and ends up contested (it’s weird how people getting divorced sometimes can’t get along), then we will cover the fees mentioned above and all credit you for 4 hours of time. Are you responsible for all other costs and fees above the aforementioned prize? YES! Do you have to pay sales tax on what you won like other prizes? NO! Attorneys don’t have to charge sales tax.

The contest will run from February 7, 2018 until February 14, 2018, and we must file the divorce by May 21, 2018.

Value? Priceless if you need a divorce, also known as $985.00.

Who can enter?

Anyone. You can enter for a friend, lover, spouse, future spouse (think about it before you marry them), cousin, sibling, etc. You can win for yourself or you can win and transfer the prize to someone else.