That do you if someone has stolen two (2) of your dogs to use in dog fighting, sold those dogs to purchase missiles from Iran, stolen your identity to open up new store account at PetSmart and Doggie Warehouse to purchase food for the illegal dog fighting, used your copyrighted birth name on his football jersey, sworn allegiance to Al-Qaeda, and sold drugs in school zones?

If your name is Jonathan Lee Riches© you sue him for 63 billion dollars ($63,000,000,000.00) in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

The Guinness book of World Records was going to award Mr. Riches © the record for most litigious man, but he sued them to stop it. In his complaint he also accused them of under counting his number of lawsuits.

He does not like the names he acquired such as the Litigator Crusader, the Duke of Lawsuits, Jonny Sue-Nami, Sue-per-man, the Patrick Ewing of Suing, and the Lawsuit Zeus.

A list of Jonathan Lee Riches© suits against famous people:

Riches v. Vick (the suit mentioned above)

Riches v. Bush et al (the ex-president Waffle House and 791 others)

Riches v. Williams et al (Poltergeist, Serena Williams, Venus Williams and others)

Riches v. Steinbrenner

Riches v. Bush et al (George W. Bush, Uniform Commercial Code “UCC,” Benedict, XVI, Roc-A Fella Records, Queen of England, Brad Pitt and others)

Riches v. Ghostbusters, The