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Moving to Arkansas. Do I have to register as a sex offender?

The very short answer to this is: it’s complicated.  Let us figure it out for you.

If you’re supposed to register, but you just don’t do it because you don’t know if you have to, you can still be prosecuted for not registering.  Don’t chance it. Let us look into your case and tell you whether you have to register.

How do I know if I have to register?

There is a specific statute in Arkansas that requires sex offenders moving to Arkansas to register. If you had to be registered in the place you’re moving from, you have to register here within seven days of moving.  The trick is that the law about this in other places can change a lot, and you likely should hire an attorney to look into what the current requirements are in the state you’re moving from.

Here’s why this is important:

This is just an example of what happened in one case, and how we fixed it:

  1. The client didn’t have to register when he was convicted in his home state.
  2. The client moved to a second state that required registration for that conviction.
  3. The client then moved to a third state that didn’t require registration for the conviction.
  4. When the client moved to Arkansas, they were told they’d have to register here if the planned to stay.
  5. They hired us and didn’t have to register in Arkansas.

Other Issues:

There are certain crimes called “target offenses” that, if you were convicted of in another state, require you to register if you’re going to live here. There’s no specific list of what all these “target offenses” are, though.  Some of them are in a list. The legislature frequently changes the list. If something is the “substantial equivalent” of one of the target offenses, you have to register. We can help you figure out if the offense you were convicted of is a “target offense.”

There are also issues regarding where you actually reside.  How long you plan to stay, and whether you plan to stay permanently affects where your “residence” is. It includes other things like where you work, attend school, or receive employment training.

“Aggravated sex offenses” require lifetime registration.  We can help you find out if the offense you were convicted of is an “aggravated sex offense.”

If you’re worried about any of these issues, schedule an appointment here or call to speak with a criminal defense attorney.  You need to think about these issues BEFORE moving. Our attorneys have successfully gotten people off the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry, fought over enforcement of registration laws, reversed denial of sex offender parole plans and advised clients moving to Arkansas.

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