Civil Disputes

A civil dispute may includes any of the following areas:

We use the term “civil dispute” deliberately because our focus is always first on resolving disputes, not filing a lawsuit just for the sake of filing a lawsuit. If you’re involved in a civil dispute of some kind, an out-of-court, agreed-upon settlement is nearly always best.

Nearly always; sometimes parties simply cannot agree. At that point, it’s time to go to court, and that is exactly why we’re the best choice to handle your case, whether it’s a contract dispute, will contest, trust contest, or personal injury case. Many lawyers are scared to take an issue to trial, but that’s our passion. That is the kind of representation you need if your civil dispute has to go to court.

Wilson & Haubert has a different approach than most firms that handle these matters. We are committed to what we call a “team-based” approach—and every person is essential to the team. This commitment allows us to harness the individual strengths of each member of our firm for every issue, no matter how simple or complex. We believe that you will get the best representation—the best result—when we have “all hands on deck.”

This means that each case we take can benefit from the best legal research, the best interviewing skills, the best court documents, and the best courtroom skills. No one person can be the best in each of these areas, but one person can master his or her particular area. And that’s what we deliver everyday: a team of people committed to bringing you results, each of whom has mastered one critical area of the law.