Personal Injury

The term “Personal Injury” can mean many things, including:

  •              Car Accidents
  •             18-Wheeler Accidents
  •             Motorcycle Accidents
  •             Slip-and-Fall Accidents
  •             Wrongful Death
  •             Workplace Accidents

There is one thing that ties together all personal injury claims: Someone didn’t do their job, and someone else got hurt. It’s that simple. We’re here to make sure that you get the help you deserve.

Every personal injury case is different, and that is why hiring a firm like us is important. We don’t have 100 different cases at a time. Instead, we prefer to focus on the best cases and put all our energy there. Many so-called “personal-injury firms” are really just “settlement-houses” wanting to make a quick buck off another’s pain and suffering.

Our philosophy is straightforward: If your case isn’t good enough to win, we don’t want to take it. We want to help you win your case because winnable cases are good cases and help to make Arkansas a safer place to live, work, and play.

If you have been injured, please contact us for a free consultation. If you have a good case, we would love to help you get the help you deserve. If you don’t, we can point you in another direction for relief. Many firms will tell you that you are their top priority; unfortunately, however, it’s rarely true. But that’s why we’re in this business: we take the good cases and win so that we can afford to help everyone.