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Employment Law

Why should I hire a wrongful dismissal or employment law attorney?

There are many ways in which employers try to deprive their employees of proper wages.  You can call 501-891-6000 to speak with a lawyer about whether you are receiving proper compensation.  You may be entitled to double damages plus attorney fees.

Our attorneys have recovered money for:

  • -plant and factory workers who must appear 15 minutes early pre-shift and are not paid for set up time
  • -managers in any industry who do not manage any people
  • -workers paid a day rate no matter how many hours they work
  • -healthcare workers who are paid hourly, but not paid time and a half for overtime
  •  -restaurant workers who are paid less than minimum wage without a tip credit

Laws protect against being fired for your age, race, gender, reporting illegal or unethical behavior and many other reasons.  Companies across the country regularly are held accountable for wrongfully terminating employees.  Thousands of complaints are filed each month.  You can call 501-891-6000 or text 501-891-6000 to speak with a wrongful dismissal lawyer about whether you are entitled to compensation.

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Employment Law Blawgs

March 27, 2019

Can teachers get their job back?

As a teacher, can I get my job back if they suspend or fire me? Yes.  You are protected by a strong law.  The law is called the Arkansas Teacher Fair Dismissal Act (TFDA).  This law is designed to help teachers. The TFDA says that a teacher has to receive written notice of any nonrenewal, suspension, or termination. A teacher

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