Becoming a pharmacist is hard work. It takes a lot of late nights studying pharmacology, learning how to compound, and understanding how medications work together and against each other.  It is a huge undertaking, and one that folks don’t take lightly.  As a result of all that hard work, someone who makes it through pharmacy school and becomes a licensed pharmacist is given a great amount of power.  The power to help people who are in need, to change lives.

With that great power comes great responsibility. The responsibility to correctly counsel patients on the medications they have been prescribed.  The responsibility to catch prescription errors and make sure dangerous interactions do not occur.  

But we’re all human.  Mistakes can happen.  And if they do happen, you need someone who can protect you and the license you worked so hard to earn.  

Many issues come before the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy.  Some of the most common infractions which land Arkansas Pharmacists in front of the State Board of Pharmacy are misfiling prescriptions, failure to counsel patients on their medications, and missing medications.

The Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy holds formal hearings three times per year.  Formal hearings are usually reserved for serious infractions that can not be resolved without a full hearing before the Arkansas Pharmacy Board.  

The Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy addresses other issues through what it calls “informal hearings.”  Informal hearings are held once per month and are primarily for issues that do not require hearings as in-depth as the formal hearings.  

Still other infractions may be resolved by informal reviews.  These are informal meetings with lawyers from the Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy to attempt to reach a satisfactory outcome for everyone involved, including the pharmacist.  Many things can come from these informal reviews.  The issues may be resolved by consent agreement, a diversion program, or the Board may decide to go forward with a formal hearing.

The Board evaluates each individual infraction depending on many factors.  One of the main factors considered when an infraction is reported is whether any harm was done to a patient because of the infraction. If no harm was done, the Board considers how big the risk of harm was.

Being reported to the Board for any type of infraction is a scary situation to be in.  The Pharmacy Board is represented by its General Counsel and you as a Pharmacist have the right to be represented by a lawyer of your own. A report to the Board of an infraction is something you shouldn’t take lightly. Having an experienced lawyer to represent you is vital to protect you and the license you worked so hard for.  

At wh Law | We Help, we have experience dealing with the Pharmacy Board, and we’re here to protect pharmacists and their licensure.  

If you’re a pharmacist and someone has reported an infraction against you, or you fear one may soon be reported, call us today so we can get started protecting you.

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