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Dealing with Harassment as a Registered Sex Offender

Registered sex offenders face many challenges, but they do not give up the right to be free from harassment.  Sex offenders deal with social isolation, property damage, housing restrictions, and decreased job opportunities. However, the right to live without harassment belongs to everyone.

Stop Harassment

Keeping records is the first step to end the harassment.

  1. Note the time, date and type of harassment.
  2. Is it the same person or group of people?
  3. Is it the same behavior (making false complaints, police reports or threats of violence)?
  4. If you call the police, record the officers’ names and request a copy of any incident reports.

If further action is required, your detailed records provide important documentation.  For example, specific facts strengthen an attorney letter, lawsuit, No Contact Order or an Order of Protection.  Most importantly, a detailed log may convince a court that the harassment should be stopped.   (How Do I Keep Someone Away From Me?)

Fortunately, Arkansas law provides criminal penalties for activities sex offenders often deal with:

  1. Threats
  2. offensive physical contact
  3. repeated public insults
  4. certain forms of surveillance and
  5. destruction of property.

See Arkansas Code § 5-71-208 HARASSMENT and § 5-38-204  CRIMINAL MISCHIEF IN THE 2ND DEGREE

Contact The Police or an Attorney

Arkansas law addresses threats without regard to the source or target.  So, take threats seriously and bring them to the attention of law enforcement.

Certainly, registering as a sex offender does not mean you gave up your right to protection. If you receive threats or false complaints, you should bring this to the attention of local law enforcement.

Police departments are overloaded with work.  False reports add to that burden. Besides, no one wants their time wasted, and the police are no different. If the harassment comes from a specific source, show the police your records.  This could lead to a warning, and in serious cases, charges for filing false police reports. 

On the other hand, if the harassment comes from law enforcement, an attorney may be necessary. If you have reservations about contacting law enforcement, consider consulting an attorney with experience in sex offender registry issues.

File For Removal From the Sex Offender Registry

If you are eligible, removing your name from the Sex Offender Registry can resolve harassment issues quickly and effectively.

If you or someone you know is being harassed or may be eligible for removal from the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry, please contact wh Law | We Help today.

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