Little Rock, AR
"I was put in one of the worse situations when I called wh Law, I had talked to several lawyers but when I was, and I'm going to say lead because I prayed so much to find someone who wanted to help me fight what I was facing, I was lead to Degen with wh Law I immediately felt at ease and like I could breath again! Degen has went above and beyond for me, he has talked to me when I was panicking and calmed me down, he has given me peace of mind during everything I'm fighting and he has made this process so much simpler than I had anticipated. Degen listens to every single thing, even if I don't make much sense half the time, he reassures me and I couldn't be more grateful. His staff is amazing as well, they have worked with me and are always there when I have questions. I definitely recommend wh Law and Degen to fight for you ! He is one of the best attorneys I have encountered !"