What about custody during the virus?

Arkansas Child Custody During The Coronavirus  Many parents are asking questions about child visitation schedules and the Coronavirus. Below are common questions and basic guidelines. Overall, it is best to follow the court order. Remember that the judge’s duty is to consider what is in the best interest of the child (link to article) and Arkansas law wants…

Family Law   •    Jun 22 2020


Can I get primary custody if my child wants to live with me?

Can I get primary custody if my child wants to live with me? My child says he/she wants to live with me, will the Judge take that into consideration in determining which parent is awarded primary custody of our child?  Attorneys are often asked at what age can the minor child make their own decision about…

Family Law   •    Feb 27 2020


What happens when charged with domestic battering or assault in Arkansas?

First Time Charge For Domestic Battering Or Assault In Arkansas – What Happens? Even if you’ve never been in trouble before, a charge for domestic battering or assault on a family or household member is a serious offense. A misdemeanor conviction could land you in jail, force you to move out of your home or…

Criminal Law | Family Law | Violent Crimes   •    Feb 4 2020


Getting a Court Date over the Holidays

We all know that holidays are a busy time for almost everyone. Gift stores, shopping malls, what have you are way busier and even open longer. Supermarkets are packed with people buying a ton of groceries for big family gatherings. Airports are at their peak season and the interstate highway system is congested with weary…

Family Law   •    Dec 16 2019


Termination of Parental Rights in Arkansas

The rights and responsibilities of parents are extremely important. They are also very much linked together. In other words, if you fail to adhere to your responsibilities and obligations as a mom or dad, such as paying child support, providing necessary care, or regularly communicating with your child, your rights may be taken away. The…

Family Law   •    Sep 17 2019


Questions for your Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a difficult subject. Perhaps finding a family lawyer is not something you expected to do. While there are many questions to ask and issues to consider, below are a few items you should cover during a family law consultation. How much will my divorce cost? If it sounds too good to be true,…

Divorce | Family Law   •    Sep 10 2019


Tips on Using Social Media During Separation and Divorce

The wheels of justice may have a reputation for turning slowly but technology certainly does not. It seems at least once a month if not much more often there is a new social media app like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. While you may be doing a good job of monitoring your children’s Tik Tok…

Family Law   •    Aug 20 2019


How to tell when you need a family lawyer and the dangers of fighting it on your own.

When is it time to hire a family lawyer? Of course what you expect to hear from a lawyer about when you should hire them is something along the lines of “the sooner the better.” And not to upset you further – but the sooner you hire a lawyer, the better the shot is for…

Family Law   •    Jul 2 2019


When is Joint Custody Considered the Best Interest of The Child?

Clients ask us a form of this question almost every day.  Joint custody has been rare for the majority of the history of family law in Arkansas.  However, that trend is changing in many courts throughout the state. When a Judge is considering custody of children, they always look at what is in “the best…

Custody and Support | Family Law   •    Feb 12 2019


Child Support Payments – What to Expect

You probably landed here because you’re going through a divorce, or you’re thinking about it, and you have children. If so, you’re in the right place. There are many issues surrounding child support in Arkansas and it’s important to know what your rights are. When will a court order child support payments? A court will…

Custody and Support | Family Law   •    Feb 5 2019