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Getting a lawyer in Jonesboro, Arkansas is easy with the wh Law firm. With the combined experience of over eight decades and a strong track record, wh Law attorneys are well-equipped to help their clients with a number of legal matters and have a great track record of success.

 If you need legal counsel in northeast Arkansas, specifically the Jonesboro area, here’s a look at why you should contact wh Law:


What wh Law Can Do for You

A lawyer can not only make or break your case — but your life, too. That’s why the attorneys at wh Law are dedicated to helping you get the best results possible in court.

Wh law has a reputation for excellent attorneys who specialize in personal injury, bankruptcy, family, and employee law. A wh Law attorney can strike fear in the hearts of any negligent employer, debt collector, or car accident instigator.

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Probate Probate

Probate refers to the legal matter of settling an estate. It can refer to the distribution of the deceased’s assets, the payment of debts and taxes, and the resolution of any claims against the estate. Probate lawyers are experienced in the legal and financial aspects of estate settlement.

Most often, beneficiaries and heirs will consider probate attorneys if there are disputes over the will’s validity, especially if it was recently written.

Bankruptcy Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is when you owe more debt than you can realistically pay, but it is tricky to declare correctly. If you submit a petition for yourself or your business with even the smallest mistake, it can get rejected. That leaves you in a potentially worse spot than where you started. Even if the request is accepted, you have to know whether chapter seven or chapter 13 is best suited for your situation. Without professional help, the process can quickly become overwhelming, but an excellent attorney will make it simple and give you peace of mind as you work through the process.

Employment Law Employment Law

Hiring an experienced employment law attorney who is well-versed in business law is essential if you require legal services related to your employment and business. They can assist with determining whether your employer has been unfair in various scenarios, including:  

Wrongful termination

If you feel your employer wrongfully terminated or fired you, we are here to fight for justice and fairness.

Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation

Our law firm is committed to ensuring your business follows the federal, state, and local laws that guarantee equitable employment opportunities and working conditions free of discrimination for all employees without bias based on variables such as ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability status, age, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Sexual harassment

If you’re dealing with an uncomfortable or intimidating workplace atmosphere due to unwelcome sexual advances or coercion, we are here to provide assistance. We treat each client’s case with care and sensitivity while providing firm and fervent legal representation for your rights.

Pay disputes

One of our attorneys can represent you in compensation disputes. Some of our previous cases have involved business issues such as overtime violations, misclassification of employees as exempt versus non-exempt or independent contractors, commission-based compensation plans, expense reimbursement, and violations of meal and rest break laws.

Family law Family law

Family law encompasses various legal issues in familial relationships, including divorce, custody, and child support.

Family lawyers are crucial in navigating these complex matters, providing expert advice, and advocating for their clients’ rights and interests.

With their expertise, these lawyers provide invaluable support during emotionally challenging times, ensuring their clients’ and their families’ protection and well-being.

Personal injury law

Personal injury law is a legal field that focuses on compensating individuals who have suffered physical or psychological harm due to another party’s negligence or intentional actions. It encompasses a range of accidents and incidents, including car accidents, slips and falls, medical malpractice, and product liability.

It also addresses wrongful death cases, where the negligent actions of someone else result in the death of another person. Wrongful death claims seek to provide financial compensation to the surviving family members for the loss of their loved one.

Personal injury lawyers provide valuable guidance and support, ensuring that their clients receive fair compensation for their injuries or losses while also helping them navigate the complex legal process during an already difficult time.

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Wh Law is a full-service law firm in Arkansas that was rated as one of the Best Lawyers of 2022. If you need a lawyer, Jonesboro, AR has an office with committed and qualified representation available for you to hire. The opposition won’t stand a chance with wh Law firm’s team of lawyers on your side.


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