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wh Law is a dedicated firm that focuses on the needs of the client first. Our attorneys specialize in a number of practice areas, so you can expect professional, client-oriented care from wh Law when it comes to your case.

Our team of attorneys serves clients around the Memphis, Tennessee area, including Nutbush and Germantown. If you need legal counsel in the Memphis area, here’s a quick look at how wh Law can help:

What wh Law Can Do for You

A lawyer can not only make or break your case — but your life, too. That’s why the attorneys at wh Law are dedicated to helping you get the best results possible in court.

That’s why we start our client relationships with a free consultation and transparent communication about costs. Before you even take a step in our door, you can browse through our areas of expertise and get an idea of the costs for any services you may need.

Employment Law Employment Law

Are you not confident that you are getting the wages and benefits due to you?

If so, hiring an experienced wrongful dismissal or employment law attorney is essential. They can assist with determining whether your employer has been unfair in their compensation practices and secure double damages plus attorney fees if warranted. Speak to a lawyer today for more information!

Wrongful termination

If you feel that your employer wrongfully terminated or fired you, we are here to fight for justice and fairness. Wrongful termination is an infringement of any law designed to ensure employment security. We will work tirelessly on your behalf so that the laws protecting employees in the workplace can be upheld.

Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation

Federal, state and local laws guarantee equitable employment opportunities and working conditions for all employees without bias to variables such as ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability status, age, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Job seekers are also entitled to fair pay that is not impacted by any of the aforementioned characteristics. If you have been the subject of mistreatment due to a protected characteristic, get in touch with our highly qualified attorneys who can evaluate your legal options and potential compensation for any damages incurred. Don’t delay – contact us today!

Sexual harassment

At our firm, we understand the prevalence of workplace sexual harassment and its underreported nature. We treat each client’s case with care and sensitivity while providing fervent legal representation for your rights.

If you’re dealing with an uncomfortable or intimidating workplace atmosphere due to a supervisor’s, co-worker’s or outsider’s unwelcome sexual advances or coercion, we are here to provide assistance. We want to help put a stop to this type of unlawful harassment and hold those responsible accountable for their actions so that you may receive the financial compensation that is rightfully yours.


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wh Law is a full-service law firm. Rated as one of the Best Lawyers of 2022, wh Law helps employees get what they deserve. We help our clients get what is owed from their employers.
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