Employment Law

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Employment Law

Why should I hire a wrongful dismissal or employment law attorney?

There are many ways in which employers try to deprive their employees of proper wages. You can call 870-729-7989 to speak with a lawyer about whether you are receiving proper compensation. You may be entitled to double damages plus attorney fees.

Our attorneys have recovered money for:

  • -plant and factory workers who must appear 15 minutes early pre-shift and are not paid for set up time
  • -managers in any industry who do not manage any people
  • -workers paid a day rate no matter how many hours they work
  • -healthcare workers who are paid hourly, but not paid time and a half for overtime
  •  -restaurant workers who are paid less than minimum wage without a tip credit

Laws protect against being fired for your age, race, gender, reporting illegal or unethical behavior and many other reasons.  Companies across the country regularly are held accountable for wrongfully terminating employees.  Thousands of complaints are filed each month.  You can call 501.891.6000 or text us by clicking here to speak with a wrongful dismissal lawyer about whether you are entitled to compensation.

Employment Law Blog

Can I be fired if I have a medical marijuana card?

Many Arkansas medical marijuana cardholders have questions about whether they can be fired. The answer is that the Arkansas Constitution protects all medical marijuana cardholders from being fired for having a medical marijuana card. However, this is increasingly an issue. Many do not understand the law. According to this article in Arkansas Business, “there were…

Jun 2 2021


Can I take off from work if I or a family member gets the coronavirus?

If you or a family member have the coronavirus, there is a federal law called the Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  that allows a qualified employee to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave within a 12-month period if they or an immediate family member requires care for a “serious health condition.” The…

Aug 14 2020


What can I do as an unemployed restaurant worker during the coronavirus?

What can I do as an unemployed restaurant worker during the coronavirus? If you were a restaurant or service industry worker who is now unemployed, please first apply for unemployment assistance. You can do so here: https://www.ezarc.adws.arkansas.gov/ To be eligible, you must be: Unemployed, Physically and mentally able to perform suitable work, Available for suitable…

Apr 1 2020


Should I have an attorney review my small business contract?

wh Law frequently reviews vendor and sale contracts for family-owned and small businesses.  We do so to ensure that the contract is clear and to ensure that the contract actually provides protections for you. In addition, wh Law drafts contracts for employers looking to provide contracts to their employees. In doing so, wh Law draws…

Dec 2 2019