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WH Law is our team of attorneys, associates, and legal professionals who specialize in a range of practices and have a huge passion for helping the Little Rock area through our expertise in legal matters.

Our attorneys also have strong ties within the Arkansas legal community. Whether in our professional and personal relationships, we at WH Law do all we can to show our care and compassion for the community around our Little Rock law firm, as well as the needs of our clients.

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Things to do and see in Little Rock:

WH Law Offices

Enjoy the Panoramas

The Arkansas River flows right outside the windows of our conference room. It’s got some good energy.

Get Caffeinated

Or maybe not. Legal issues can be stressful. But coffee is here, handcrafted and never watery.

Midtown Billiards

Midtown Billiards

Dive bar? Dive in! Go on a Thursday and you can chuck a dirty bottle into an even dirtier trashcan, for sport!

Clinton Library

William J. Clinton Presidential Library

This place is pretty legit—as long as you like books, whispered tones, and past president memorabilia.

Big Dam Bridge

Big Dam Bridge

It’s a big damn bridge. And it’s got an active lock to flaunt. River connoisseurs find it most pleasurable.

Pinnacle Mountain

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Very important to get outdoors, especially when you’re stressed the F out over a legal case. It’s a doable hike.

WH Law Offices

Enjoy the Panoramas

The Arkansas River flows right outside the windows of our conference room. It’s got some good energy.

Get Caffeinated

Or maybe not. Legal issues can be stressful. But coffee is here, handcrafted and never watery.

State of Arkansas
Little Rock
Memphis, TN

Arkansas-born. Everywhere-bound.

WH Law is proud to call Arkansas home. It’s a place with good people, hard work, and no nonsense. We’re taking this show on the road, because clients are hungry for a new standard of lawyer.

Services in Little Rock

Your problem is unique, but it fits in a category of the law. This is the only time you will be put in a box, promise.

What wh Law Can Do for You

A lawyer can not only make or break your case — but your life, too. That’s why the attorneys at wh Law are dedicated to helping you get the best results possible in court.

We start our client relationships with a free consultation and transparent communication about costs. Before coming to our Little Rock law firm, browse our areas of expertise and get an idea of the services you may need. Get free downloadable forms like Power of Attorneys and Complaints of Divorce from our website.

A Zero-Down Bankruptcy Law Firm in Little Rock, AR

Making the right decision for your future shouldn’t cost you anything. When you’re in the process of filing for bankruptcy, it’s extremely important to find a bankruptcy attorney in North Little Rock. WH Law will help you file a $0 down Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy at our Little Rock office. We’re a discreet and effective debt relief agency, helping you to put a stop to phone calls and late bills once and for all.

Schedule a judgment-free, expert consultation and allow our team of debt specialists to free you from uncertainty today.

Manage The Details Of Probate and Estate Administration

Having a plan in place to distribute your assets is a sound course of action.

But is it enough? Was the legal instrument (like a living trust) well-drafted and properly funded?

Our expertise in probate law and estate administration can ensure your last wishes and intents are followed after your pass. These aspects of law can be challenging to deal with, especially when a will is contested. This usually happens because someone believes an inequity occurred or something is wrong with the will.

With years of experience in administering probates and proper execution of wills, WH Law will help ease your family at a delicate and difficult time. Contact our law firm in Little Rock, AR, and learn how our in-depth knowledge of this niche helps families get the peace they deserve.

Family Law

Family law is a practice area that focuses on issues within families. A person or family might hire a family attorney in cases such as:

  • Divorce: The termination of a marriage. Protect your time with your children and your assets with a team of experienced attorneys.
  • Child Custody: Cases during divorce or separation that establish who is responsible for the care of their children.
  • Child Support: Cases determining how much money one parent should pay to support their child(ren).
  • Paternity: Cases that determine whether someone is the biological father of a child and establish or change child custody and child support terms.
  • Adoption: Legal assistance in cases where parents wish to adopt a child.
  • Guardianship of a Minor: When a minor is being cared for by someone other than the biological parents.

Regardless of the issue, family law cases can be difficult, and it helps to have professionals who understand and can represent you accurately and fairly. You’ll get that and a hell of a lot more with Little Rock lawyers from WH Law.

Preserve The Integrity Of Your Work

If you’re a committed and dedicated worker with great ideas and a solid work ethic, who’s in your corner to protect your interests?

We are.

At WH Law, we believe it’s your right to be treated fairly, be paid what you’re owed, and even demand compensation for damages made to you. When workplace issues arise, we fight like hell to protect your rights. It’s not just about gainful employment — it’s about preserving and protecting your dignity and identity.

Contact our employment law attorneys in North Little Rock if you’re facing situations like:

  • A stipulation to appear 15 minutes early for set up that’s unpaid.
  • A failure to be paid your day rate.
  • Missed overtime.
  • Less than minimum wage payments with no tip credit.
  • Workplace harassment or discrimination due to race, gender, whistleblowing, etc.
  • Wrongful dismissal or termination from your job.

With WH Law at your side, we’ll fight to hold neglectful companies accountable for unfair or unethical behavior.

Your Rights Matter. Contact WH Law Today.

Depending on the complexity of your case, legal proceedings take time, but it’s best to start your case as soon as possible. Get assessed, and our Little Rock lawyers will see if you have a strong case. If you do, our dedicated full-service law firm will fight to protect your dignity and future.

Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consult.

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