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At wh Law, our team of attorneys, associates, and legal professionals specialize in a range of practices. We’re passionate about helping the Little Rock area with our expertise in civil matters.

Our attorneys have strong ties within the Arkansas legal community and maintain relationships with lawyers in other firms and state associations of lawyers. Through our professional and personal work, the team at wh Law cares about the Little Rock community and the needs of our clients.

What wh Law Can Do for You

A lawyer can not only make or break your case — but your life, too. That’s why the attorneys at wh Law are dedicated to helping you get the best results possible in court.

That’s why we start our client relationships with a free consultation and transparent communication about costs. Before you even take a step in our door, you can browse through our areas of expertise and get an idea of the costs for any services you may need. Plus, you can get free downloadable forms like Power of Attorneys and Complaints of Divorce from our website.

Raising the Bar: Our Zero-Down Little Rock Bankruptcy Law Firm

Making the right decision for your future, at the right time, shouldn’t cost you anything. At wh Law, we support your future by helping you file a $0 down Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We’re a discreet and effective debt relief agency, helping you to put a stop to phone calls and late bills once and for all.

When you’re in the process of filing for bankruptcy, it’s extremely important to find a bankruptcy attorney in North Little Rock — we’re committed to helping you gain a sure financial footing. We encourage our clients to consider either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing as a viable solution to their future freedom.

We’ll help you eradicate your debt problems, save your home from possible foreclosure, and protect your automobiles from repossession. The most crucial detail of protecting your home and assets from creditors is that it has to be done in a timely manner. Watching your personal effects as they’re taken away is traumatic enough — and then you still have to deal with the aftermath. Rather than being reactive, emergency filings for bankruptcy are a proactive solution to stopping creditors and unwanted phone calls. You need time to catch up with your late payments and structure a reliable way to make your repayments.

Bankruptcy is that safe harbor, an action you can take to gain the reprieve you need. Schedule a judgment-free, expert consultation and allow our team of debt specialists to free you from uncertainty today.

Meet Our Bankruptcy Attorneys
Brandon M. Haubert

North Little Rock bankruptcy lawyer Brandon M. Haubert is dedicated to giving you the financial footing you need.

Manage The Details Of Probate and Estate Administration

Having a plan in place for the distribution of your assets is a sound course of action.

But is it enough? Was the legal instrument (like a living trust) well-drafted and properly funded?

Our expertise in Probates and Estate Administration helps our clients ensure that their wishes and intentions before death remain intact. It’s a complex matter that can often take a long time. Estate administration can become even more complicated when a will is contested. If someone in the family contests the will, it’s because they believe some inequity occurred or that there’s something wrong with the will.

Here’s where the details matter. Our years of experience administering probates and ensuring the proper execution of wills makes us the right partner for your family at an otherwise difficult and delicate time. Contact our offices and find out how our in-depth knowledge of this niche is helping families get what they deserve.

Family Law

Family law is a practice area that focuses on issues within families. A person or family might hire a family attorney in cases such as:

Divorce:  Most people hire an attorney when they need to terminate a marriage. It is important to protect your time with your children and your assets.

Child Custody: When parents are divorcing or separating, they might look for legal help in establishing who is responsible for the care of their children.

Child Support: Attorneys can help determine how much money one parent should pay to support their child(ren).

Paternity: This type of law deals with determining whether someone is the biological father of a child and established or changes child custody and child support.

Adoption: A family lawyer can provide assistance and advice in cases where parents wish to adopt a child.

Guardianship of a Minor:  A family law attorney can help in cases where a minor is being cared for by someone other than the biological parents.

Most of the time, people will hire a family lawyer in the event of a divorce. However, it’s not uncommon to consult with a family lawyer for a variety of other family issues that aren’t related to divorce.

In many family cases, it’s best to hire a lawyer when any potential for conflict or future issues arises. A family attorney will represent clients in court proceedings, negotiate on your behalf, and draft relevant documents like court petitions and agreements.

Regardless of the issue at hand, dealing with family in the court is an emotional process. It’s best to have professionals at your side who understand and can represent you accurately and fairly.

Preserve The Integrity Of Your Work

If you’re a committed and dedicated worker with excellent ideas, contributions, and a solid work ethic, who’s working in your corner to protect your interests?

We are.

At wh Law, we’re proud of the gains we help employees make. We believe it’s your absolute right to be treated fairly, be compensated the amount owed to you — and, sometimes, demand compensation for what was done to you. When we help you through employment law, we work to repair the most critical part of your life: your work. It’s not just about gainful employment — it’s about preserving and protecting your dignity and identity.

If you’re facing situations like:

  • A stipulation to appear 15 minutes early for set up that’s unpaid
  • A failure to be paid your day rate
  • Missed overtime
  • Less than minimum wage payments with no tip credit

You need to contact our employment law attorneys in North Little Rock.

Besides compensation and disputes over pay, another common reason we work with individuals is to ensure fair representation and compensation for any wrongful dismissal, termination, harassment, and even discrimination. There are a large number of laws in place that protect you from being terminated for your race, age, gender, or the reporting of illegal or unethical behaviors by your employer. These laws are crafted with you, the individual, in mind, because courts hold your rights as most important.

With the law on your side, you can hold companies accountable for unfair or unethical behavior toward you — and we can help.

Your Rights Matter. Contact wh Law Today.

Taking fast action is the best way to ensure your advantage when it comes to the law. Depending on the complexity of your case, legal proceedings take time. So it’s best to get assessed and see if you even have a case on your hands. If not, you can start to find different avenues of seeking justice. If you do, our lean, dedicated team of attorneys in North Little Rock can help you regain your dignity and future through our multifaceted practice.

Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consult.

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Wh Law is a full-service law firm with four locations in central Arkansas. Rated as one of the Best Lawyers of 2019, wh Law is a debt relief agency that helps people file for bankruptcy protection. If you believe you have to file for bankruptcy or the court has ordered you, then your best bet is to consult with professionals like Brandon.

With $0 down on any bankruptcy case, Brandon and wh Law can help guide you through the entire process. Whether you’re filing to get a fresh start or because you need to reorganize assets, wh Law is ready to assist.

You can learn more about our practice areas in Little Rock, but before moving forward, give wh Law a call 501.888.4357 or contact us for a free consultation.