We believe people make sense and their

problems matter.

The law touches the most important parts of a person’s life. It’s not okay for lawyers to simply view clients as a case or a fits-in-the-box problem.

WH Law demands more of our team with two rules:

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There’s a great quote out there we like — “People are not acting irrationally, they are acting on needs and desires you don’t yet understand.” Mic drop. What a quote. WH seeks to understand, not categorize.
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WH Law keeps the legal terms out of our conversations with clients, because the early meetings are about what happened, not “What the hell does that word mean?” We don’t have to say fancy words to prove our worth.


It’s our mission to understand clients, practice world-class law, and have fun doing it.

If there’s one thing you can trust, it’s that we view lawyers just like you.

Just look at the results from our very important word association taken by three of us. WH lawyers feel like friends and fight like hell for what matters.

Bland. Boring. Stuffy.
Asshole. No comment. Briefcase.
Get over it. Not scared. Alligators.
Fix it. Solution. Solved.

Our Team

Who the hell do these lawyers think they are?

CEO. Outsider.
Lawyer. Family Chef.
Consultation Manager.
Digital Marketer.

We see a future where people spend less time looking down on others and more time looking ahead—fighting for the important things in life. For WH, that looks like a law industry with less suits and more transparency.

F*ck yeah!
F*ck yeah!
Things are getting a little too serious lol. Blow up a suit!
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100% Free + Lawyer Approved

Remember the whole transparency thing from above? Well, we meant it. WH Law prioritizes sharing knowledge on how the law works, so you can be empowered. And if you end up needing us along the way, we’re here for that too.


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At WH Law, you can experience a new take on the legal industry. This firm values your skills and even your hobbies. It’s a place where individuality is uplifted, technology is prioritized, and new ideas are expected. Together, we can make life better for people.

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