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If you’re feeling stressed about money, we can help. Our team will work with you to get your finances back on track. We’ll help you navigate this uncertain time and make stability and success a reality.

At our firm, we help people who have money problems. We use Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code to help our clients. This allows us to provide a way out for them and helps them manage their finances more efficiently. We are committed to providing aid for those facing financial distress so that they may finally gain control over their lives again!

We want to help our clients be successful. We look at each situation carefully and make sure we understand the client’s history before we start working with them. This way we can make sure that all of our services are high quality, reliable, and effective. We tailor our offerings just for you, making sure that your current and future needs will be met. We always put our customers first, no matter what the situation is.

What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Jonesboro?

If you are having trouble with debt, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help. This will let you get rid of some debts and reorganize the rest. You will be able to make payments on what you owe without spending too much money. You will also be able to keep your house, car, and other things that you own.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a good way to pay off debt. When you file, the court tells creditors and collectors to stop trying to contact you. You don’t have to give up any of your stuff, like with other types of bankruptcy. With Chapter 13, you make payments over 3-5 years without worrying about it. After that, your debt is gone.

Chapter 13 can help you and your family start fresh. Not only will it provide a new beginning, but it will also help improve your mental and emotional well-being. Make the decision to invest in yourself today; empower your future with Chapter 13!

The Many Advantages Of Chapter 13 in Jonesboro

If you choose a Chapter 13 repayment plan, you might be able to get rid of your unsecured debts. This means the people you owe money to will stop calling you. You can also make smaller payments each month for 36 to 60 months.

After you complete your plan, you will not have to worry about debt payments anymore. And all of the things that are important to you – unless you decide to sell them – will stay with you. In Jonesboro, people usually file for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 because it has both short-term and long-term benefits. Plus, it’s not as bad as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

  • Stop foreclosure —If you owe money for mortgage fees, these can be included in your payment plan.
  • Stop repossession – You can keep your car and put your late payments into your plan.
  • Prevent wage garnishment — Your take-home pay will not be seized by creditors. It will also stop wage garnishment if it has already started.
  • End the creditor harassment — No more annoying phone calls or threatening letters. The automatic stay prevents creditors from contacting you or taking any legal action against you to attempt to collect a debt.
  • Free yourself from constant stress.

Chapter 13 and Unsecured Debt

Filing for bankruptcy means that you might only have to pay some of the people you owe money to, and you might not have to make monthly payments anymore if your income is not above a certain amount. This can help people who are in financial trouble because they will not have to make as many payments each month.

If you want to learn more about Chapter 13 bankruptcy, contact us for a free consultation. We are experienced lawyers who specialize in helping families and businesses achieve financial freedom in Jonesboro. Contact us today and get the debt relief you need! With our help, you can start on the path toward a new life with financial security and peace of mind.

You deserve to be debt-free; let us help you get there! We understand how hard it is to juggle payments while trying to make sure your family has enough money for all their needs. Let us take away some of that burden so that you can focus on what really matters—your success and happiness.

How the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process Works

If you are worried about foreclosure or having your car taken away, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best solution. If you cannot pay your debts, this type of bankruptcy lets you have the plan to pay most of them off over 3 to 5 years. You get to keep your things even if you have not paid for them yet. With this option available, there is no need to worry.

Chapter 13 offers some advantages, but you have to make regular payments on time to get them. These payments will help you get your money situation under control again. Often, this is a better option than other choices.

  • If you’re unable to keep up with your mortgage payments, devastating consequences can follow. Your home may be taken away from you–a process called foreclosure.
  • Struggling to make ends meet? You can take control of your debt, even if you don’t have the funds right now. With additional time and a strategic plan, you will be able to pay off your credit card debts and other financial obligations.
  • You have a property that is not exempt and you don’t want to lose it. You also have enough income to pay creditors over time.

If you’re struggling to pay off your debts because of high-interest rates or missed payments, Chapter 13 might be a good option for you. With Chapter 13, you can take control of some of your debt and still keep ownership over other finances that you owe. As part of your Chapter 13 repayment plan, the trustee will regularly receive payments from you to distribute to the people you owe money to. Only certain creditors may be entitled to payment, though.

If you have Chapter 13 debt, you need to ask the court before you get more credit. Most debts go away or get smaller during this time, but any debt that is left will be forgiven after the repayment term is over.

Chapter 13 Discharge

Once you finish your Chapter 13 Plan, you will get a discharge. This is when you are free from debt. People file for bankruptcy because they want to be free from debt and this can happen!

If you receive a bankruptcy discharge, it means that creditors have to stop asking you for money. But if they don’t stop, you can take legal action against them. This is possible because when you file for bankruptcy, all of your debts are wiped out.

Who Should File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be a good choice for you if you have a regular income and assets that you want to keep.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your financial problems, you might want to file for bankruptcy. This means that a court will help you pay your debts or get rid of them. But before you decide, it is a good idea to talk to a Jonesboro bankruptcy lawyer who can help you understand if this is the best solution for your specific situation.

How a Jonesboro Chapter 13 Attorney Can Help

At wh Law, we prioritize helping prospective clients receive the best counsel and advice they can get. To make sure you are aware of your debt relief options, we present complimentary strategy meetings to analyze if Chapter 13 bankruptcy is appropriate for you! With our experienced guidance, you’ll have a well-educated decision on how to proceed in the future.

We will start by looking at your particular situation. Our good Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers will look at your money and make a plan just for you. They can also help you make a budget so you can control your money better. With hard work, we can help you get rid of debt!

After we get all the paperwork, we will work hard to finish the bankruptcy process quickly. This way, our clients can go back to their lives. We are dedicated to helping those who ask for our help and doing whatever it takes for them to succeed financially without any problems!

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Your first session is on us, so let’s get to it.

By submitting, you agree to receive sms, calls, and emails.

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