How to Get Driver’s License Back After Losing It Due to Money Owed From an Accident 

How to Get Driver’s License Back After Losing It Due to Money Owed From an Accident 

Accidents happen to everyone, and sometimes one accident can grow into several problems. This is especially true of car accidents. In addition to loss of the use of your car as well as the aggravation and cost of getting it repaired, you may also have to deal with the greater aggravation and cost of repairing someone else’s car or other property – or, even worse, paying for an injury 

Oftentimes, the burden of these extra costs is too much to cover and the person whose property was damaged will sue and get a judgment for payment of the damages. The problem is obvious – if you could not afford to pay for the damages before the judgment was entered, chances are you can not afford to pay for them afterwards. The difference is that the judgment enables the person who holds it to take other action against you. Among the many potential consequences, which include garnishment of your wages or bank account, is revocation of your driver’s license by the State.  

Arkansas Code Section 27-19-611 allows the State to revoke someone’s driver’s license if the person was involved in an accident that included more than $1,000.00 in damage or the death of a person and fails to comply with the State’s rules and procedures triggered by such an accident – including, but not limited to, submitting proof of insurance at the time of the accident. This suspension of the driver’s license can last for up to a year.  

Much like the car accident itself, loss of your driver’s license is an event that can have rippling consequences. The inability to drive yourself obviously has a negative impact on your ability to work. Plus, driving without a license can lead to criminal liability – you’re between a rock and hard place. If you’re already in a financial predicament due to the costs of the accident, the last thing you need is something compromising your ability to make money.  

Fortunately, you can kill two birds with one stone and resolve both of the major issues from the accident with one call. Filing for bankruptcy can totally remove your liability for the damage to the other car/property involved in the accident. Furthermore, per Arkansas Code Section 27-19-708, the bankruptcy will, at the time of discharge, relieve the State’s suspension of your driver’s license. Getting out from under the debt from the accident and reinstating your license is the perfect beginning to a fresh start post-accident.  

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