Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

Top 7 Reasons you Really Need an Attorney:

I can’t count the number of phone calls I have received over the years from people who begin their conversation with, “I’m not sure I need an attorney…” Not only do you probably need to hire a lawyer, you probably need an experienced lawyer.

Do you always need one for every situation in life? Probably not. After all, every sniffle doesn’t mean you need a doctor, and there are a lot of online resources that can walk you through simple issues.

But if you have a question that might need a lawyer, why not make the call and determine if one is necessary? My first response to that question is simple, We offer free no-risk consultations, so just talk to one of our lawyers and see if you do.

Of course, we think you do probably more than you. This is a simple test, do you have a legal issue that we can help with? Do you want our help? A good lawyer will be the right lawyer.

1. Not Having a Lawyer Probably Will Cost You More

But the risk of potentially needing legal help and not getting it is tremendous. The cost associated with handling a legal issue is far less than the cost associated with fixing a legal problem.

Legal issues become legal problems when you ignore them or, often worse, try to handle them without the help of a lawyer. Good legal representation will save you more than you will pay in legal fees for your legal matter.

What is at stake and what are you risking. If no one reviews your divorce decree and you are on the hook for something you should not be, how much is that going to cost? It is most likely more than the cost of a lawyer. An experienced attorney representing you will make your legal matters less stressful.

Is Hiring an Experienced Lawyer Expensive?

When someone has a legal issue, they often ask themselves do need to hire an attorney? Then, they tell themselves I cannot afford to hire a lawyer. They believe it is too expensive. They think of court costs, filing fees, and all the legal fees. Depending on the type of case you have, we take cases on a flat fee and contingency fee. We also offer payment plans and financing.

2. The Law is Complicated

Many people decide to wade those legal waters alone only to discover soon afterward they’re in way over their heads. Why not ask questions first before making that leap? Hiring an attorney may save you a lot of money and heartache in the long run.

If you’re not a lawyer you probably should not try to act like on. If you are a plumber or electrician, what do you think when you have to go fix a DIY job after somebody tried themselves? Or a mechanic after someone tried to fix their car themselves. Or a nurse who has to battle whatever people read on the internet that day!

Even experienced lawyers do not represent themselves in court. Also, attorneys tend to practice in one or two areas, they become really good at those situations and avoid pitfalls you will make.

Test your knowledge: Here is the rule against perpetuities, can you figure out what it means? No interest in land is good unless it must vest, if at all, not later than twenty-one years after some life in being at the creation of the interest.

3. Going to Court is not Easy

I know this sounds like we are just trying to scare you but ask any lawyer who just passed the bar. They are scared and it is not easy for them either.

Court is very procedural, and you have to learn the procedure and all the law surrounding it in order to litigate a case.

First, you have to get to Court:

This may seem like a duh moment, but filing an incorrect document or a document that is not sufficient may get your case dismissed. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you may need to include certain facts, allegations, and ask for certain relief to get what you want.

If that is not done correctly, then the court may not be allowed to give you what you want. Your case may get thrown out if you plead incorrectly or miss a deadline.

Second, An Attorney Can Present Your Strongest Case

Your lawyer is and should be less emotionally invested in your case. This may be frustrating, but this lets them think about what your strongest case is, and what to present.

Our job is to take everything you have given us, and what we have received from the other side, and put together the strongest case we possibly can. We want you to have the highest chance of winning!

Third, Lawyers Know How to Challenge Evidence

You may know the other side is lying, but do you know how to make that person look like a liar in court? No, you just can’t stand up and call them a liar.

Do you know how to follow the chain of custody and make sure everything that is being presented is allowed to? Do you know the foundational questions to ask to introduce a photograph or the objection to make if the other side does not ask them correctly?

4. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

You may have heard “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Well, hiring a lawyer in many instances will help you avoid potential legal headaches down the road.

A lot of times we compare hiring a lawyer to life insurance, by the time you know you needed it, it is too late. Do you really understand the terms you are agreeing to and what it will mean for you down the road? A lawyer will.

5. Attorneys Know How to Negotiate Your Legal Issue

We know what you are likely to get if you go to Court, and what the offer is. That being said, we never know what is going to happen because another human(s) will be making that decision.

We try to negotiate for two reasons, to try and get you more than you would get in Court, and so we know exactly what is going to happen. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Also, being emotionally invested in your case makes it difficult to negotiate. It is understandable that you are emotionally invested, but that makes it hard to think clearly.

6. Does the other Side have an Attorney?

If you are going against a lawyer, they will probably know the law and the procedure better than you. You may have a better case and lose it because you did not understand what you are supposed to do.

The American Court system is an adversarial system. You and the lawyer are against each other and the judge is not allowed to help either one.

7. FREE No-Risk Consultation (at this Law Firm)

We offer free consultations. You can have a consultation, see what the lawyer thinks, and get an idea of the price. Then you can make the decision.

Too many people avoid hiring lawyers because they think they cannot afford them. To help with this, we offer flat fees, payment plans, and financing. Not to mention, awesome lawyers that can help fix the issue you are having.