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What’s Happening – in Central Arkansas

February 2-8, 2023 At wh Law, we are fiercely dedicated to providing the highest-quality legal representation for our clients. But when it’s time to kick back and enjoy all that Saline County, Pulaski County, Lonoke County and Faulkner County have to offer – there’s nothing better. This weekly blog post will guide you on where…

Feb 2 2023


Can You Sue Your Employer for Unpaid Wages?

It is possible to sue your previous or old employer for unpaid wages if you can show that you were not paid the wages that you were owed. However, before going straight to filing a lawsuit, you may want to try to resolve your problem through other ways first, like trying to contact your former…

Feb 1 2023


What Property Has to Go Through Probate?

It can save you time and money if you know which assets from an estate are not subject to probate. There are different types of assets that do not need to go through probate. If you have been named the administrator or executor of an estate, you will need to make a list of all…

Jan 31 2023


Five Ways to Win a Father’s Rights Custody Battle

As a father, taking full custody of your child (or children) is almost always challenging. There must be sound reasons for this action, which usually involves the safety or well-being of your offspring. However, it’s a very doable legal goal for fathers to get sole custody of their children, but you must have your legal…

Jan 30 2023