Andi Tull

Intake Manager.
Young Grandma

Andrea “Andi” Tull brings her accounting know-how and excellent people skills to the WH Law crew. Though she was born an Illinois gal in Moline, Andi put down roots in Bryant, AR as a youngster before venturing off to live in intriguing locales like Alaska, Texas, and Idaho. After honing her fiscal talents through roles managing military and state budgetary matters, Andi spent more than 8 years working in operations at Transamerica Life Insurance.

But as much as she shines managing spreadsheets and crunching numbers, what Andi really enjoys the most is getting to work alongside the great personalities at WH Law. For her, it’s all about the people. When she’s not bonding with her four grown children, eleven beloved grandchildren, or mentoring her grandson Kaiden, you can find Andi challenging her mind with jigsaw puzzles, escaping into the pages of a book, or catching the latest multiplex hit.

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Quick hits:

Currently listening to:Steely Dan
My friends say I am:An asshole
Boot type:Knee highs
Childhood hero:My sister
Law Movie/show:A Time to Kill
Zombies or Vampires:Vampires
Star Sign:Aries
Traffic Sign:Stop
One sentence for clients:I have a lot of
compassion for people.


Definitely not blahgs.

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