Erica Myers

Paralegal. archeress.

Erica “E” Dellimore was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she early on cultivated dreams of becoming a doctor or lawyer someday. After gaining paralegal experience and studying as an undergrad at UALR, Erica is now feeling the pull to pursue her childhood aspirations more seriously by attending law school soon.

When not mastering archery or chess, you can often find Erica with her nose in a book – forever the diligent student even during her cherished free time. Her hunger for knowledge drives her work as a paralegal, where she finds great satisfaction in being appreciated for her efforts.

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Quick hits:

Currently listening to:Trap music
My friends say I am:Perfectionist
Boot type:Combat
Childhood hero:Grandfather
Law Movie/show:How to Get Away with Murder
Zombies or Vampires:Vampires
Star Sign:Virgo
Traffic Sign:Stop
One sentence for clients:Think about it.


Definitely not blahgs.

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