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Family law cases almost always involve a great deal of struggle and strain among all parties. Among the most challenging of all legal issues are the child custody arrangements.

The custody arrangement involves determining whether one or both parents hold legal and physical custody, often occurring over a divorce settlement, which tends to be lengthy and contentious enough.

That is why working with a knowledgeable and seasoned firm like Wh Law is vital. We employ local Fayetteville child custody lawyers who specialize in child custody and child support cases and have several years of experience in helping numerous individuals and families through them.

What Wh Law Offers As Your Fayetteville Child Custody Attorney

At Wh Law, we offer the services of highly experienced child custody lawyers who will fight for your rights as a parent.

We seek to ensure every parent’s ability to be in their child’s lives and to ensure the best for every child’s well-being. Our desire is to help not only our Fayetteville clients’ interests but also the best interest of the child or children and the other spouse.

As part of our efforts to ensure parents undergoing difficult family law disputes get the best representation possible, we offer flexible payment and financing options for services.

We know how important it is to be a part of your child’s life, to be there as they grow up. That’s why our child custody attorneys will do everything they can to help through every step of your family law case, keeping you assured and prepared throughout the process.

Schedule a consultation with us today or contact us at (901)-499-4694. Find out how our team of Fayetteville child custody lawyers and family law attorneys can help you through your child custody case and discover how working with us provides you with solid, capable boots on the ground for you and your case.

Common Questions in Family Law & Child Custody

Child custody law varies from state to state, and individuals’ specific questions often depend on their unique circumstances. For local Fayetteville, AR residents, many common questions and concerns often arise in relation to child custody matters. Here are some of the most frequent questions our Fayetteville child custody attorneys receive:

How do the Courts Determine Child Custody Arrangements?

Arkansas family courts often determine the custody of a child or children based on what is considered in the “best interests of the child.” The judge may decide this based on many factors, such as:

  • The parents’ economic condition
  • The environment of the parents’ residences
  • The characteristics of each parent and their past histories
  • The parents’ continued contact and quality of care for their children

These are just some of the factors that can affect child custody decisions. The courts must ensure the best for each child’s welfare despite the difficulties they have already undergone.

Other crucial factors that may affect a child custody decision are whether one parent or both have a history of domestic violence, whether against the other parent involved or the children, and a history of alcohol and drug abuse or a criminal record.

How Do They Determine Child Support?

As we’ve previously discussed, the aspects that determine child support in Arkansas involve a statewide formula that involves calculating each parent’s income, as well as the amount of time a parent has spent on average with the child or children. This may also include special needs or other expenses the child may have.

How are Legal and Physical Custody Different?

While both are involved in the matter of child custody, they each refer to that custody in many different forms.

Legal custody involves a parent’s right and responsibility in making decisions regarding their child’s livelihood, such as in matters of their healthcare, education, and religious upbringing.

On the other hand, physical custody refers to where the child or children will live.

Are There Different Types of Child Custody?

There are several different forms of child custody, and the right one is determined by the parents, their personal histories, their economic conditions, as well as the best interests of the child or children. A few variations of child custody include:

  • Joint Legal Custody – This form gives both parents an equal share in rights and responsibility in the decisions of their child’s upbringing
  • Sole Legal Custody – This form of custody gives authority over the child’s upbringing to only one of the parents.
  • Joint Physical Custody – This form of custody involves the child spending time and living with both parents for significant amounts of time.
  • Sole Physical Custody – This form of custody involves the child living primarily with one parent while the other may or may not have visitation rights.
  • Visitation – This form of custody involves one parent having sole custody while the other primarily has the right to visitation with their child unless deemed otherwise. A court order may determine the conditions of the parent’s visitation, such as the number of days, times, and durations.

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If you or a loved one is struggling through a child custody or child support case, consider calling on a team of seasoned child custody lawyers from Wh Law. We can help you and your former spouse work through the case and form a child custody agreement that fits the best interests of the child and all those involved. Call us at (901)-499-4694 or schedule a free legal strategy consultation today.

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Your first session is on us, so let’s get to it.

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