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What does it cost to be removed from the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry?

You may think removal from the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry to be too difficult and expensive.

At wh Law | We Help we offer three price options.

Two are flat fees – one price for the entire process, beginning to end.

The third is reserved for complex cases.

Most cases are not considered “complex.”

Here are the three cost options for being removed from the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry:

  1. $1,500 if the conviction was in Arkansas and you remained an Arkansas resident.
  2. $2,000 if the conviction was outside of Arkansas or you lived out of state after the conviction. 
  3. After consultation.  Cases that are complex, involve multiple jurisdictions or substantial litigation preparation.

Most cases will be $1,500 to $2,000.

However, after review, our attorneys may identify issues that require additional research time and cost beyond step two.

Can I be removed from the sex offender registry?

If you are not a level 4 offender (lifetime registration)the waiting period is 15 years since an individual is released from prison or other institution, placed on parole, supervised release or probation.  For more detail, see our post on: removal from the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry

However, you may still be eligible if you were added to the registry inappropriately.  If you did not review your case with an attorney before registration or believe you should not be registered we would be happy to help. Our contact information is below.

I am moving to Arkansas; do I need to register as a sex offender?

You may be trying to figure out if you need to register in Arkansas before moving.

For a small fee, our team can assess your case and determine if you should register before moving to Arkansas.  To avoid criminal prosecution, this review should occur BEFORE you move.

For security, you may need to register and immediately file a petition for removal.  

Failing to register when moving from another state may be a violation of state and federal law, depending on your specific situation.  

If you are moving to Arkansas and have any questions about sex offender registration, please contact wh Law | We Help. Our contact information is below.

Where does my money go if I hire wh Law | We Help for removal from the sex offender registry?

  1. A thorough background check and criminal history review.
    1. We need to know everything about the conviction that required, or is believed to require, registration in Arkansas
    2. This may include contacting multiple law enforcement agencies and examining many reports and documents.
  2. A hearing is required
    1. We must notify state agencies and certain individuals of the hearing.
    2. We must communicate with them and they will petition the court for a hearing.   They may ask for a new sex offender assessment and we will have to review and prepare to address the new assessment.
  3. Preparation for the hearing

Hearing preparation may be routine (in Arkansas, with few issues to address) or it may be complex: a review of documents and timelines from many states, an evaluation conducted by an expert witness, preparation based on the expert’s findings, etc.

For $1,500 we may be able to solve a significant, long-term problem.

If you or someone you know wants to be removed from the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry (terminate the obligation to register as a sex offender in Arkansas) please contact wh Law | We Help today. Call us at 501 372-1212or schedule a consultation by clicking here.

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